5 Advantages Of Playing Puzzle: Why Give Your Child A Puzzle?

5 Advantages Of Playing Puzzle: Why Give Your Child A Puzzle?

Searching for the best possible way to help boost your child’s brain power? Why not try giving them puzzles? Puzzles are not just good if you are looking for a way to entertain your kid. This game offers plethora of benefits.

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Why Give Your Child a Puzzle?

  • Playing puzzles helps children develop or enhance cognitive skills. Puzzles generally come in wide range of topics like alphabet letters, vegetables, pets, transport, colors and more. It enhances children’s special awareness and helps them grasp a deeper understanding of the topics and themes. Moreover, playing puzzles allow a child to utilize his or her critical thinking and solving skills since he or she needs to know and determine which piece fits and which does not.
  • It helps enhance a child’s social skills. Puzzles make an awesome educational tool to promote and boost cooperative play. As children work together to finish a puzzle, they will do a brainstorming to figure out where a particular piece should be placed, discuss why a piece should be placed in that part, take turn and share the frustrations as well as joy of completing the puzzle.
  • It enhances fine motor skills.robert
  • When playing puzzles, children need to pick, grasp and pinch puzzle pieces, move each around, manipulate into slot, sort and fit them in the right places.
  • Boost hand-and-eye coordination. Puzzle games generally needs a trial-and-error process. This usually involves hand-and-eye manipulation. A kid will develop a very keen relationship or connection between what they do and what they can see.
  • Makes a child a better problem solver. In a nutshell, playing puzzle requires a player to find or create a solution to a problem. Puzzle help boost a child’s critical thinking skill. In addition, it teaches patience, organization, and determination.
  • Boost Concentration. Good concentration is needed to solve a puzzle or brainteaser. The child can boost concentration much better through doing puzzle of different complexity. The more complex a puzzle get, the harder the concentration get.
  • Improves self-esteem. Completing a puzzle brings some sense of achievement and satisfaction. This also helps a child develop pride within himself or herself. All of which helps in increasing a child’s self-confidence. Developing a high degree of self-confidence is very much important for a child to deal with other challenges that may be thrown in his or her way.

Apparently, playing with puzzle is not just all about entertainment, as it provides numerous benefits. It generally challenges young and adventurous minds, preparing and teaching them some skills that can become helpful in facing and overcoming obstacles in the future.

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