5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

 With the wedding season comes the preparation, the outfit, accessories to match, and then one more Mehendi ceremony outfit and some more accessories with it. Everyone wants to look apart from the crowd. And if you too are pursuing the same path then the only things that you need to do here is getting the right accessories such as ladies bags and pair it up with your attire to rock that DESI SWAG! They work like a Magic Wand and turn the outfit to a whole new level of glamor.

So, why towait for even a jiffy, let us get to it already!

  1. Shoes:

Yes! Heels, Pumps, Flats or Juttis, all are a must have.  Keep a pair of every type, and it goes easily with any look, from ethnic to professional. You can add black heels for the party and juttis for your best friend’s marriage. For a professional look, you can either go for flats orheels, or even shoes that you must have for the meetings and conferences. And one pair of nude flat ballet is what your feet would love and so would you. It is comfortable and looks perfect with every outfit.

  1. Scarves:

Scarves can accentuate the beauty of your outfit from zero to an amazing level. It gives you that chic look, and you can add it your professional look too. There are simple ones and embroidery ones too, take your pick and add it your collection.

  1. Stud Earrings:

Stud earrings go with everything from dinners to casual day outs. Everyone must have one of these or shop them easily either from retail outlets or online.Image result for 5 Must Have Indian Accessories for Women

  1. A Watch and a Red Lipstick:

There is nothing sexier than seeing a watch on a woman’s wrist. It is what you must need to have in your collection. It goes perfectly with every look. Be it professional or party, it is a yes. And now, last but most important, the red lipstick, it is what every girl needs.Red lipstick has the power to change everything. The red fever is still on, and it goes well in every season, with every look as well.

  1. Bags:

From clutches to bags, everything makes a difference here. If you are going out, you need something to keep your essentials. And the bag is the answer. It adds the charm to your outfit and can change your look in a second. If you are going for an evening, you can carry the clutch and rock the dinner party look. If you are going for brunch or shopping, you can carry a large tote that gives you a chic look. Bags for ladies are always in. Do not forget the sling bag for the night out look with that little black dress.

So it’s time to shop!


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