7 Best MacOS iTunes Alternative Apps

7 Best MacOS iTunes Alternative Apps

On macOS computers, iTunes is the superior media replay and management app. All have fun using it so it is considered the most important part of Mac toolbox. iTunes is multi-task able as it can store music, used as a player, a jukebox.

Although this software seems flawless, it is not so as it has its flaws. The biggest flaw is its ill ownership in digital media. The most annoying flaw is that iTunes gets overload with features and becomes sluggish. So, for more advanced features, users search for more sophisticated iTunes replacement for Mac. The primary prerequisite needed for such replacements are simple: something not complicating to use, with cool media library and doesn’t choose music to play. Using these prerequisites, we have put up 7 iTunes alternative Mac in our perspective.

Elmedia Player Service for Mac

Elmedia player capable of doing many things competently. It can be used as a music player and can play if not all video formats. For any video it plays, it gives a good replay of it. In addition to its high replay quality, Elmedia can easily download music and is also a good Airplay streamer and receiver. These features are available when you pay a onetime fee that is priced at $19.95 for the PRO version of the player.

When you use Elmedia to play and listen to music with your headset, there are features that make the sound different and mesmerizing.  

  • You can manipulate the sound of your choice with the help of equalizer.
  • Search your favorite files through playlists, etc.
  • When listening to music or playing video, you can continue from where you stopped it earlier.
  • With the pro version of Elmedia Player, you can extract audio files from YouTube videos or completely download a YouTube play sequence in MP3 format.

Here you can get Elmedia Player, iTunes alternative Mac.

Swinsian Service for Mac

Similar to iTunes, Swinsian is an app that can play a good number of various video formats, MP4, AVI, and others. This player has a structured arrangement that looks like that of iTunes and syncs with iTunes. Just like in iTunes, it plays sequence are on the left side, informative label, and tags on the right side. With Swinsian you can connect to your last.fm account, it can also detect nearby AirPlay ports. This app is accessible for a month if you like it and want to have it after the free 30days- it costs $19.99.

Clementine App for Mac

This is a cross-platform, open source app that can be used to play an audio CD, OGG Vorbis, MP3, etc.it allows a number of Internet radio transmission servicing and can be used to locate files in your local library, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive.

Offering great categorizing tools, sound equalizer, album designs, music lyrics and podcast support, this app is indeed very great and fun to use.

VOX Service for macOS

Vox is apparently simple with its features just like Winamp (if you know that one), just like others, it is very packed with all kinds of important features. It creates the ability to move your iTunes and favorite personal library and perfects with YouTube and SoundCloud. It also features enjoyable flawless playback, sound equalizer, AirPlay and Sonos support. Vox can work with your Apple TV remote, you can create shortcuts for your playbacks, you can also use it if you have an Apple EarBuds. It produces great quality and deep sounds.

Other apps worthy of note is:

  • Ecoute
  • Fidelia Service for macOS
  • Tomahawk

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