A Road Rash Story You Don’t Want to Experience

A Road Rash Story You Don’t Want to Experience

All motorcycle riders will probably have their own share of road rash stories. This is my time to share mine. I was riding through the woods to get to the road that will lead to the highway. I have passed by that same area countless times but it was the first time that I miscalculated the ride. The front tire of my motorcycle hit a huge root. The motorcycle fell on the right side and in the process, it also hit my forearm and my right knee. It happened so fast but I think it was the rear wheel that was still spinning that caused the road rash on my knee and forearm.

I looked at it and I kept thinking that if only I was wearing a motorcycle armor or at least a jacket that would offer me some protection, I would not get that road rash. It was very warm at that time and I could not bring myself to wear the leather jacket I used to wear when it was colder. I was torn whether I should laugh at myself or feel sorry because of how the rash looked. This might seem like one of the typical stories that you would hear from other motorcycle riders but there is more.

I tried my motorcycle and thankfully, it was still working. I continued my path without any issues so far until I finally reached the highway. As expected, it was a high-speed road and I also have to keep up with the other vehicles on the road. I was staying on the left side of the road but the spot where I was going to exit was coming up. I started swerving towards the right side. The moment that I reached the lane that I wanted, I kept a steady pace. There was a pickup truck in front of me carrying what seems to be different construction materials.

Can you already guess what happened next? There were some materials that dropped from the pickup truck. It would probably be insignificant for large vehicles but my motorcycle was truly affected. There was a funny noise after some time and the ride was becoming wobbly. I was wearing womens motorcycle gloves and I am still very thankful that I wore them. They allowed me to keep my grip on the handlebars of the motorcycle as it kept on becoming wobblier.

The time came when my attempt to keep my motorcycle steady was not working anymore and the motorcycle fell on the left side. Of course, I got road rash again, this time on the other arm and I was so embarrassed that I did not feel the pain in the beginning. I was helped by another fellow rider who flagged down a semi-truck. The driver of the semi was trying to hold in his laughter as I told the story of my very bad road rash day.

I was brought to a hospital wherein my wounds were carefully treated. They were painful for a while but they started to disappear in a week. After two weeks, they were almost fully healed. I still do not want other people to experience the same thing. I would like to believe that the experience made me a more careful motorcycle driver.

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