About Peter Loftin: His Achievements, Contribution and More

About Peter Loftin: His Achievements, Contribution and More

It can well be said that Peter Loftin is an achiever in every sense of the term. What is it that you should know about him? The man is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and art lover at the same time. This is the man who had actually initiated his charitable act way back in his twenties. Today, in the course of the post, we will be exploring the many facets of this man. Read on to unravel.

Why is he such a well-recognized name?

Peter Loftin —the name immediately rings a bell quite simply because of the fact that he bought Gianni Versace’s Miami Beach mansion after he was unfortunately shot by one of the most dreaded serial killers of America. The incident took place in the year 1997 and it was only in the year 2000 that Peter Loftin bought it and converted it into a boutique hotel – keeping the fashion designer’s touches intact.

What should you know about him?

Buying this mansion – however- isn’t really his only claim to rightful fame. Today, he is reckoned as one of the most notable inspirations for the younger generation – quite simply because of the fact that he is the founder and former chairman of the board of one of the most famous telecommunications enterprises – Business Telecom Inc or BTI. Loftin’s credentials stand unmatched in this regard. He has generously used his wealth for societal well being. As a major supporter of art, he has actually gone on to fund the development of the BTI Center for Performing Arts into the largest venue between Washington D.C and Tampa.

More about his achievements and social contribution

This man has also been a part of the Board of Governors of the American National Red Cross. Peter Loftin has been regularly contributing to the charities benefiting veterans. The Special Operations Fund where he donates on a regular basis is meant to sponsor college education of the children of fallen soldiers. Peter Loftin notably backs the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville. Let us tell you that the contribution of this man to the society does not really end there. Read on for further information.

We have already told you about his folks witnessing his sensitive side when he was very young. It was only in his twenties that he actually started the program Coats for Kids that donated winter coats to kids who were in need.

What more? As part of BTI, he even went on to institute a program which actually offered free internet service to the individuals with disabilities in the schools of rural North Carolina.


So, as you can actually find out that this man has touched lives in more ways than one catch actually envisions. He is clearly a man with superlative qualities—not only with his amazing ability to contribute to the society but also with his enviable power to inspire others with his deeds or achievements. One can only aspire to be like him just by reading up more!

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