Age Defying Skin Care Tips For The Summer

Age Defying Skin Care Tips For The Summer

After going through a harsh long winter, your skin may look and feel dry. Therefore, this summer, you may want to start taking special care of your skin.

Here are some tips to consider that will help you bring your skin into summer:


First, its essential to know your skin type, like how much exfoliating your skin can tolerate and how it reacts to hot and cold temperatures.

Exfoliating is a fantastic way to get rid of dead skin while at the same time hydrating your skin. In order to exfoliate properly, all you really need is an exfoliating glove and a cleanser that won’t irritate your skin. Just wet your skin with some water, and put a dab of cleanser on a glove or towel and rub it in circular motions.

Coconut Oil

Just by applying coconut oil to your skin, you can get rid of the moisture that has been lost through to your pores. Soon your skin will be smooth and healthy looking again. Just apply a dab of coconut oil onto your face, gently rub it in and leave it on for one minute. Next, use a warm towel to open up your pores for approximately 30 seconds. That’s it! You’ll be on your way to beautiful, smooth skin in no time!

Facial Masks

Using natural facial masks is an excellent way to revitalise your skin this summer! All you need is:

  • One tbsp of yoghurt
  • Two tbsp of cucumber juice
  • One tsp of milk powder
  • Two tbsp of watermelon juice

Blend in all of the ingredients and put it on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes then wash it off with cool water.

It not only removes blemishes and hydrates your skin but it can also act as a skin toner!


It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the office or to the beach, you should try and stick to keeping your make up as simple as possible. Just a toner to be more specific. Concealer will cover up blemishes, and spots after blending.

Why should I just use concealer? Simply because you sweat much more in the summer than you do during any other season. Note: If you are having problems with blemishes, wrinkles other bumps and rough patches, and you don’t want to worry about these anymore, dermal fillers Perth by MIRA Clinic will help you.

Cover up with Sunscreen

For individuals with sensitive skin, you should try using mineral based sunscreen. Why you ask? Because mineral based sunscreen consists of UV filter ingredients preventing sunburns. Applying sunscreen can significantly help you prevent the possibilities of getting wrinkles and skin cancer. It’s not worth the risk, so make sure you lather up with sunscreen this summer.

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