All About GE anesthesia machines

All About GE anesthesia machines

There are different types of anesthesia machines based on the manufacturer and the purpose of the machine. Notably, an anesthesia machine for conducting minor surgeries will come at different size and quality compared to that of conducting major surgeries. For starters, an anesthesia machine is a device used to supply oxygen and other gases, hence ventilating the patient while simultaneously delivering inhalational anesthetics. The modern GE anesthesia machines have six basic subsystems which include the monitoring system, scavenging system, gas delivery, vaporizers, gas flow control and measurement, and gas supplies system. Below is a detailed explanation on the importance of each of these parts.

Gas Supply
This system includes both the piped gas supply and cylinders. For piped gas supply, oxygen is drawn from the main oxygen supply. There are flexible pipelines through which the gases pass and they have the following components:

  • Schrader Probe: This helps in preventing misconnection to the wrong gas service. Notably, the probe for each supply has an indexing collar which has a different diameter. As such, it will only fit the Schrader socket for that particular gas.
  • Flexible hosepipe: Previously, the hosepipes were made using black rubber which was reinforced short lengths of sheaths at each end. Currently, the hoses are color-coded for each gas to avoid confusion which can lead to fatalities.
  • Non-interchangeable screw threads: These threads ensures that the hose connection is specific to each gas service. The threads are composed of a nut and probe whereby the probe has a unique profile for each gas.

On the other hand, cylinders are used only as backup whenever the central gas supply fails. These cylinders are mounted to yokes which are attached to the machine.

Pressure Regulators
For modern anesthesia machines, there are both primary and secondary regulators whereby the primary regulators reduce the dangerous high cylinder pressures and the secondary regulator’s levels out the gas delivery.  

Gas Flow Control and Measurement
The modern machines have flow control valves which govern the transition between high and low-pressure system. The gas flow-rate is measured using a flow meter which consists of a calibrated gas-tight tube, valve seat, and a needle valve. The flow meter can either be electronic or mechanical.

In modern anesthesia machine, the vaporizers are located on the back bar of the flow meter block. For continuous flow machines, variable bypass vaporizers are used, and they are either electronically or mechanically controlled. Each vaporizer is calibrated and designed for a particular anesthetic vapor.  

Scavenging System
The modern scavenging system comprises of four components for collection, transfer, receiving and disposing of waste gases.

The modern anesthesia machine has a significant amount of improvements to ensure ease of operation and safety of the patients. Notably, the GE anesthesia machines will guarantee you of perfect results when performing minor or major surgeries.

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