Awesome Ideas for Using Stones for your Garden Design

Awesome Ideas for Using Stones for your Garden Design

Stone is a cost-effective hardscape material for any garden styles. Paddle stones, cobbles and pebbles have become useful and interesting materials in gardens because they have a lot of applications. These rounded rocks are named based upon their sizing. In general, pebbles are believed to be the smallest with less than 2.5 inches diameter. Cobbles have average size with 2.5 inches to 10 inches diameter while boulders are the biggest with over 10 inches across. Below are applications of these stones in the landscape.

Ground Cover

For lot homeowners, low-maintenance gardens are a priority and garden designers find interesting materials to replace borders and lawns which can fit the bill: easy installation, low cost and maintenance free.

Cobbles and pebbles can be used as a low-maintenance ground cover in modern and conventional gardens. Stones can provide texture to its design and contrast against the garden’s smooth concrete paving.

Mixed Paving

The broad range of colors and sizes lets homeowners mix and match kinds within a design, offering good contrast between the various surfaces. The stone’s mixtures may not just include rectangles of pebbles and gravel between the pavers but also pebbles that are set within concrete, exposing their surface. To achieve this, it is imperative to let the pebble and concrete mixture to nearly set and wash off the top surface in order to expose the pebbles’ top layer.

Garden designers make use of texture in gardens and cobbles and pebbles can offer it in the simplest designs. Solid granite stepping stones will contrast against soft mounds of moss and river cobbles. You can check with Midland Stone for more paving ideas.

Gabion Walls

Usually, cobbles and pebbles are used as an infill for gabions where their attractive look and ease of handling make them a great choice. Gabions (wire cages filled with stone in order to make a solid block) can be used for making a simple yet stunning retaining wall.

Decorative Pathways

For many years, pebbles and cobbles have been utilized to make hard-wearing paths. Before, stones were laid on clay but today, stones are set on a hard core and secured using concrete. Random-sized cobbles can be used to make simple paths while more decorative paths have cobbles sorted by kind and size. Intricate paths include mosaic patterns with various colors and sizes of stones. While cobble pathways are beautiful to look at, they aren’t always the easiest to walk along.

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