Be Updated and Know Current News about Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Quotes

Be Updated and Know Current News about Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Quotes

When the thought of purchasing a two wheeler comes to your mind, the priority of keeping it safe and insured eventually would arrive at the top of your list. Signing in for a particular policy wouldn’t cost you much of your precious time, but searching for the perfect terms and conditions that would suit your payment measures usually involves a lot of research and background check.

Of course one would resort to the internet to compare two wheeler insurance and look for the best offers available, but seldom people make the right decision. Usually they fall prey into the hands of tedious terms and conditions, which takes a toll on their long term investment plans.  Besides, it doesn’t ensure complete coverage of costs in case of any future mis happening with their precious vehicle.

Two-wheeler Insurance – Things to Know

With a lot of people preferring two wheelers as their means of commute, the number of rides on the Indian roads is increasing by folds on an everyday basis. And with the increase in the number of traffic, the chances of theft and accidents have been gradually on the rise. While some succeed in tracing back their lost pieces, almost the majority of population look out for their insurance firms to compensate for the incremental loss that they have experienced.

An appropriate insurance cover is one which is needed and comes into play at the times of such crisis. Now, it all comes down to your conditions of payments and remitting costs from your insurance firm while claiming for your compensation. Usually while applying for a particular policy, people skip the rules and regulations and tend to end up with the first policy that creeps in while they are searching for one. When you do not compare two wheeler insurance, the consequences  often put viable customers in jeopardy while they register a claim. And the worst part is, most of them sincerely clear all their monthly dues and premiums, and in situations as such, fail to comprehend where they had gone wrong.

Sometimes, in case of utter mis happenings, the cost of coverage for an individual proves to be dearer than the vehicle itself. There are some bike insurance policies that exist and promise to cover charges of treatment for one or maybe more than one affected person in the scenario of an accident. Generally, third party insurance firms levy charges on their monthly or annual premiums, but in emergency situations, they do come forward and cover, if not completely, but each and every liability partially. Now the question of coming across such divine terms is the need of the hour.

In case of thefts, proceeding with the usual legal procedures may not always ensure that you get your vehicle back, but there exist firms that offer to compensate for your complete loss in return of presenting the essential documents to claim for the same. There are a lot that promise to cover partially, with cost cutting on some interests.

Not for a short period, but the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) has been known to introduce a three year third party insurance cover for two wheelers to ensure long term protection plans. It is also mandatory in India that your vehicle is insured for third party insurance before it starts running on the roads. But customers would enjoy the liberty of opting for either a one year plan or to carry on with the entire three year period. When it comes to the question of claims, insurance involve two scenarios – damage due to oneself or due to a third party, of course the latter being mandatory and the former being an optional measure.

In case you opt for the entire three year coverage, the monthly premium rates come down considerably. The premium rates of every third party firm are formulated by the IRDA for the complete period of payment and claims are also monitored at the end of each financial year. In case the customer appears to have made zero claims, he happens to enjoy subsidized premiums and extra benefits while completing their period of insurance coverage.


To compare two wheeler insurance before choosing and finalizing on a policy may prove to be hassle free if you come across the right resources at the appropriate times, but it is indeed an area that commands your attention, while you plan to keep yourself and your vehicle safe in the near future. A proper research before investing may prove to be worthy while you encounter heavy damage, and may ensure your safety as well , especially in case of an accident where the probability of mending yourself stands less than that of your ride.

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