This list is a challenge to make as we tend to be subjective with our choices. There’s plenty of debates and speculations. Moreover, not everyone might agree with the selection.  It is difficult to come up with a list without research and background about them.

Basketball is one of the most exciting games to watch. Whether we’re watching it because you’re betting with someone or just for the pure fun and excitement it brings. When betting, some people would base it on accurate NBA picks, while others will try to do the bet by themselves. Either way, watching players shoot, dunk, and fight for the ball brings adrenaline rush and entertains us.

This is the reason why we’ve come up with a list of the best basketball players of all time in no particular order:

Kobe Bryant

He is the son of former NBA player Joe Bryant. He is one player that has not just created havoc in the basketball world, but he also became a celebrity and fashion icon. As we all know, he is one of the most aggressive players. His game style, and popularity made him known as Michael Jordan’s successor. He has Kobe has retired two jersey numbers for the Lakers. If we analyze the last few years he had in the game, it can easily be said that he is one of the best players of all time which is a huge achievement for someone who had small beginnings.

Shaquille O’Neal

O’Neal was drafted by the Orlando Magic 1992 NBA draft. He is from the same generation as Kobe, and he is known to have a brute force when it comes to his playing style. During his time, he is one of the most dominating players that bullied oppositions with his size and bulk. He is the only player NBA basketball player to have won Most Valuable Player in an all-star game three times and four times NBA championship. He is also in this list of best basketball players of all time, because of his outstanding achievement all throughout his basketball career.

Larry Bird

He is not just one of the best but also one of the most respected basketball legends all time. Larry Bird, was a three-time MVP league and a three-time NBA champion as well. He might not have the flying skills like Jordan but he was a very smart basketball player with excellent shooting skills. He was also part of a rivalry that in the eighties, that has made history and created the NBA we all love today. There aren’t too many players out there that can beat his shooting abilities not to mention his height. He has won all three-point challenges. He was into some controversies when he trash talked about other players. But what shortened his career is the injury he had which also ultimately lead him to retire from the game.

Tim Duncan

Even though Tim lacks the flashiness and flair that other player have, he has a unique style in playing basketball that has made him a five-time MVP and a five-time NBA champion as well. Anyone could say he is the perfect player when it comes to skills and system. He is most known for his bank shot and exceptional figures at the peak of his career. He silently leads his team with dignity and integrity and anyone can say that he is the epitome of a good sportsmanship. Tim Duncan is one of the greatest San Antonio Spur player and one of NBA’s best forwards of all time.

Wilt Chamberlain

Last, but not the least, we can not miss to include this basketball legend. In his career, his average in a season is 50 points and more than 22 rebounds, among many other skills that that he possessed. Back in the day, 3-pointers were not that many but he is one player who scores that much. Wilt Chamberlain has won two championships, and was name Most Valuable Player four times. Did you know that he is also the first player ever to have scored more than 100 points in a game? During his time, he was definitely the most dominant player of all time.


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