Buy and register your boat in Malta

Buy and register your boat in Malta

 Why you should buy and register your boat in Malta

If you are looking for the perfect spot to buy your dream boat, you just found it. Years of yachting, boating and shipping experience in Malta could easily be shared with you if you just buy and register your boat here. Almost every day is boating weather in Malta and many have found joy and solace on the Mediterranean Sea. How about the perfect climate for boating and winter mooring, low registration fees and fascinating views all year around?  There is no better place to buy a boat than Malta.


If there is a perfect location to have a boat- it’s Malta! This small island guarantees privacy and offers one sunny day after another – ideal for a boat owner. Beautiful views and rocky edges of Malta will stimulate curiosity and thirst for exploration. The serene, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea will please both The Captain and his passengers no matter what age. Shallow waters ideal for jumping from the boat will be a hit around kids. Rocks as high as 20 metres to jump from will please extreme sport lovers.

Malta has many miniature bays, perfect to visit with a yacht, that will assure privacy. But if that is not enough, Comino and Gozo islands (located just 20 minutes away by the boat from the main Malta island) will present even more opportunities to find that perfect spot just for you and your family. Gozo has especially beautiful nature and will be quiet and calm all year around. While Comino gets very crowded during the peak of summer, and it could be challenging to find a spot for your boat, the mesmerizing beauty of Blue Lagoon will leave you speechless and worth the effort.


Prices really depend on your wishes and preferences. From small family boats to luxurious yachts- whatever expectations you have in mind, Malta has a perfect boat waiting for you.

Even though it’s difficult to give a precise price for your dream boat, because it depends on many different variables, the sure thing is that you will find a nice price and quality ratio here in Malta. What could be more important when buying a boat then being sure you are not going bankrupt because of a fancy looking yacht with a rusty hole in the bottom?

From tiny boats to most luxurious yachts- anything you like can be found here in Malta for a reasonable price. One will find many new and/or second-hand options. If in need of assistance there are quite a few marine agencies that will be more than happy to help you find that dream boat, for the best price possible.

Malta Maritime Flag

By September 2017, there were more than 8,000 registered vessels in Malta, making it the largest maritime flag in Europe and 6th largest in the world. Malta is so experienced in shipping and boating business, the conditions to get your boat registered here are convenient and thoughtfully built up for customers’ comfort.

You can register your boat in Malta as long you as are from this earth. A vessel can be registered by a person, company, trust or foundation. No restrictions here, open opportunity to buy anything you like without annoying rules no matter who you are, or where you come from. Talking about no restrictions, there are none of them stopping you to use your boat in any port worldwide. Under Malta Flag you can travel to any piece of land and you will be welcomed.

Registering your boat in Malta will definitely save you some stress because of the efficiency of the Yacht Registry. You will be pleasantly surprised how clear laws are relating to your yacht or boat mortgages. And that low registration fee might be the thing you will enjoy the most when buying a boat here in Malta.

Boat Mooring

There are many options of boat and yacht moorings in Malta. You can keep your lady boat in any marina of Malta during summer season. More questions are raised on winter season, since some Marinas are not insured for the winter months.

End of March and end of September are the roughest months for the moored boats because of the strong winds and waves. Boats may get damaged because of unfriendly conditions. To make sure it never happens, choose winter-friendly marinas like the Grand Harbour Marina, in Valletta, Portomaso in St Julian’s, Ta’Xbiex, Msida and Manuel Island Marinas, Lazzaretto and Sliema Creeks, MarsaxlokkBay, Pretty Bay and many more. Choose by most convenient location and never stress out about your lady on the waves in winter time- she will be just fine.

For the best experience ever check if your chosen Marina provides full boat maintenance service. They may wash your boat, fill it up on fuel and do other necessary service. Many Marinas in Malta are located around most beautiful villages, choose one you like the best and hang out in your clean, ready to go yacht all year around here in Malta.

For more information about buying and registering a yacht in Malta please visit Oceanline’s Boats for Sale Malta webpage.

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