Cartomancy Is the Art of Fortune – Telling Using Playing Cards

Cartomancy Is the Art of Fortune – Telling Using Playing Cards

Have you heard the saying which is old of “it’s all in the cards”? This is an idiom having its beginning in “cartomancy” which is the ‘ancient art of fortune-telling’ using playing cards. Long before cards were used to play poker, they were used for tarot card readings. When read correctly, playing cards are a tool that is powerful and can help make vital decisions and investigate the future.


What are the probabilities of a card, or spread of cards, coming up during a reading. It feels rather odd to pass it off as just chance. Those learned in the art of divination tell you that the order of playing cards in a reading is not a coincidence – it is a psychic message from beyond. Perhaps you would know more about how to read your future with playing cards.

4 Suits Mean

As you possibly know, playing cards are divided into four suits – hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. However, few individuals are aware that each suit is connected to an element. The elements which associated with each suit are:

  • Hearts – Water – dealing with people, human emotion and fortune.
  • Clubs – Fire – represent strong emotions such as love, passion and conflict as well as fortune and money.
  • Spades-Air – Sign of the changing of the winds. They often warn us about forces that are negative looming in the future.
  • Diamonds – Earth – they tend to deal with material things, like possession and money.

Understanding the meaning of each suit can helps you see the relationship between various cards in a deck. While there’re other things that affect the meaning of a card.

To learn more about cartomancy just search the internet and learn how you can tell your fortune. Maybe you have the gift for being able to tell others their fortune.

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