Choosing the Right Floor for You

Choosing the Right Floor for You

Choosing the right floor isn’t just about picking one that matches your decorative needs. It’s also and probably more importantly about looking into the practicality and where it will be needed. Karndean Flooring is a practical choice as you can get style and durability, as well as functionality for a good price.

Where to Start

First you need to decide which room you are planning to refurbish, think about that room and what you use it for. This will make a big impact on the type of flooring you should choose.

Consider how much effort it will require for maintaining it, as some floors require more care and attention compared to others. If you are planning to vacuum every day and it is a place with light shoe traffic and is somewhere were you typically don’t eat and drink, a carpet might be a good choice.Related image

Whilst carpets are great in most rooms, they are not really practical in the bathroom or kitchen. In particular the kitchen is a big no for carpets as they can create a potential fire risk, especially if you are cooking and spill hot oil. It won’t catch on a wooden or vinyl floor, but a carpet might be enough to set alight.

It is also fairly impractical, although nowhere near as risky, to put a carpet in the bathroom. Bathrooms are moist damp environments and can become unhygienic due to water spillages causing mould to appear. If not cleaned regularly, the carpet can also begin to smell too.

Another poor choice for bathrooms is wooden floors. Again wooden floors do not do well if wet and moisture can cause the floorboards to warp creating a hazard, especially in a small bathroom. If left untreated, the warping can also lead to cracks which look bad and will eventually damage the floor beneath, especially if the bathroom is on a upper level.

Linoleum is a good choice for bathrooms as it is made from oil based material, and therefore repels water much better than other types of floors. There are different types of linoleum to choose from, the main two being sheet Linoleum and tile linoleum. If using linoleum in the bathroom, the better choice is to use the sheet linoleum as there are no seams where water can get in and cause damage. If water gets underneath the linoleum protective layer, it can cause separation. With sheet Linoleum there are no gaps, so you don’t have to worry about water getting in. As linoleum is so practical and practically water proof, it can be used anywhere in the house.

Busy Home

If you live in a busy home, you will need to find a floor that matches your busy lifestyle. You don’t want something that takes ages to maintain, or cannot cope with the heavy foot traffic of people going in and out. A practical and fairly cost effective way is to use vinyl flooring throughout your house. Vinyl comes in a wide range of styles and colours, so you can put vinyl in every room and still have a different look and style in each.

Like all other types of floor, it is important to look after your vinyl flooring to get the longest life out of it. If placing vinyl in the living room, place a door mat at the door to keep out dirt. Be especially weary of grit, as it acts like sandpaper and can strip the finish from your floor, making it look worn and in need of refurbishment.

It’s best to get the dirt off as soon as you spot it, as ground in dirt can be quite tough to remove, why make a job more difficult? Sweep regularly and you can avoid this problem.

Shampoo is a great cleaner on vinyl, just mix some up with a bucket of water, and mop the affected area then rinse. This is much more effective than using a heavy duty cleaner. If you are moping do not use hot water, warm water is sufficient enough.


These are just a small sample of what’s out there, there are many more flooring types such as wooden floors, stone, ceramic and concrete  to name a few, if you are still unsure, take a trip to a local flowing shop to see when the have on offer. You should be able to get good advice as well as cleaning and maintenance tips. You may also learn something you didn’t know, which could help influence your final choice in selecting a floor. There is no shortage of Flooring Supplies in Chester, and around the country so you can start thinking about the flooring of your dreams!


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