Corporate Fraud is Happening More and More

Corporate Fraud is Happening More and More

Corporate fraud is everywhere, even happening right at this very moment. Many newspapers have reported on large cases of corporate fraud, such as business executives who manipulate their companies performance. But, there are still many cases of fraud that go undocumented. When people think of corporate fraud, they usually think of fraud with large companies such as ponzi schemes. But, there are many small corporate fraud activities in a daily work environment that go unnoticed.

Which Companies are at Risk?

Any company is at risk of corporate fraud. From corporate theft to financial miscalculations, corporate fraud is an issue in many workplaces. However, retailers are especially prone to corporate fraud. A common fraud technique with retailers is customers who pay with fake money, or overstatement of assets on the company’s part. Retailers may also see a lot of return fraud, with stolen or damaged merchandise. Since many companies do not have money set aside for fraud prevention, they will be in danger and may need an outside investigator. According to a survey from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner (ACFE), 38% of anti-fraud professionals believe that companies are  unable to target or deal with any known fraud risks. Also, more than half of corporations do not have a budget for fraud risks or prevention, making companies more vulnerable to fraud.

What Types of Fraud Are There?

There are many types of fraud, and many new ways that arise each year for people to cheat the system. Some of the most common types of fraud in the workplace are: FMLA violations, personal injury claims, workers compensation fraud, corporate theft, and more. Sometimes getting to the source of the problem is difficult and needs an expert to help.

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