Don’t let your mind become a prison

Don’t let your mind become a prison

Anxiety is a psychological stress disorder that is caused due to excessive worrying over every day trivial matters. Depending on severity, it may cause tensing up of muscles and/or cause a migraine attack. As per the WHO, in 2015, nearly 300 billion people suffered displayed anxiety disorder. Back home in England, nearly 08 billion people are diagnosed with anxiety every year. Now that’s a statistic to be worried about!

Expose yourself:

Over anxiety is unpleasant. So try to avoid it if you can. For instance, people are intimidated by public speaking. No wonder you will experience butterflies in your stomach if you were asked to propose a toast in your best friend’s wedding. The only trouble with this approach is that you are never able to bring up yourself to face these fears. One of the most favored methods of anxiety treatment in Sheffield city by psychiatrists is bringing you to face your ‘greatest’ fear! This is commonly known as Exposure Therapy. In this method, the psychiatrist asks you to imagine a situation or create a situation that involves your fear. With increased exposure, you will realize that your mind is slowly shedding its anxiety as you come to control the situation.

Take it slow, if you are high:

If you are chronic anxiety disorder patient, your psychiatrist may perform this same therapy in a step by step fashion. This process is referred to as systematic desensitization and involves these steps

  • Your psychiatrist will teach you progressive muscle relaxation or deep breathing. This practice helps to calm down your muscles when you are anxious.
  • A step by step approach that will help you to face your ultimate fear. For e.g., if you are afraid of boxing, your psychiatrist will begin by showing you pictures of boxers engaged in fighting all the way through to you actually watching a live boxing match.

The goal of this therapy is to stay on every task as long as you let go of your fear. So don’t be afraid to contact your therapist to live without fear!

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