Exercises to do away the Carpal tunnel syndrome

Exercises to do away the Carpal tunnel syndrome

The carpal tunnel is a narrow conduit located in the center of the wrist. Along this duct passes the median nerve, one of the responsible for the innervation of a part of the hand. Its deals with a very narrow duct whose diameter can be reduced under the influence of various factors, thus tightening on the nerve preventing it from working properly. This pressure on the median nerve will have a great repercussion on the sensibility and the movement of a part of the hand. One can feel a pain that goes from a simple sensation of persistent and tenacious tingling to a sensation quite painful and typically nervous.

At the same time, you can feel a weakness, a phenomenon commonly known as “losing the clamps”, with reference to those formed by the thumb and index finger. This occurs because the muscles of the hand that are controlled by the median nerve do not receive the pulses needed to function properly. In the long run, this situation can lead to permanent muscle damage, and the hands lose their gripping force. So that the pain does not come back, think of stretching your hands and wrists, morning and evening, and even every hour if you work on computer. Carpal tunnel treatment at NYDNREHAB clinic has proved wonders.

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  • Hand clumsy to grasp the objects of his fingers or in the palm of the hand.
  • Numbness, tingling with the first four fingers (thumb, index, middle and ring).
  • Persistent tingling in the palm of the hand.
  • Difficulty grabbing or carrying bags
  • Pain extending from the wrist to the elbow.
  • Hand and wrist pain.
  • Problems with finger motor coordination.
  • Weakness with one hand or with both.
  • Atrophy of the muscle under the thumb
  • Exercises for Treatment


Exercises to treat the syndrome

Extend the left arm in front of you and fold the wrist up. Place the fingers of your right hand against the palm of your left hand and gently bring them back towards you.  Keep this position by counting to 10. Change hands.  

Extend the left arm and hand tighten, palm down. Cover your fist with your right hand and gently pull down. Keep this position by counting to 10. Change hands.  

Extend the left arm in front of you, palm up, and then bend the wrist down. By placing your right hand on the joints of your left hand, gently pull your hand towards you. Keep this position by counting to 10. Change hands.  

Place a rubber band on the tip of the fingers slightly disjointed. Slowly spread the fingers and then close them, continuing to oppose resistance to the elastic. Repeat 10 times.

The practice of yoga which includes many exercises of wrists, allows to restore suppleness to the wrist.  – The palms should be pressed firmly against one another and the hands at right angles to the forearms. Hold the position for 20 seconds. 5 minutes of stretching per day may be enough to alleviate the symptoms.  – Massage several times a day inside the wrist with the thumb of the other hand, to relax the muscles and tendons.  – Draw large and slow circles with your wrists, gently, one way and the other. Spread your fingers then close your fist.

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