Features Of The Best Electric Guitar Under 500

Features Of The Best Electric Guitar Under 500

Performing on a stage with a guitar is probably the best way to showcase your talent in the world of music. A perfect combination of a song and sound creates a mind-blowing effect that drives the audience crazy. This is why many music enthusiasts choose to own a guitar. However, top-class guitars come with a higher price tag. You’ll end up breaking your bank account on buying a good-quality instrument. If you’ve adequate money, then it’s okay. However, the issue arises when you’ve a small budget. In such a scenario, choosing the best electric guitar under 500 dollars tends to be a better bet for a number of reasons.

Features of an electric guitar below 500

Suitable for all

A high-end guitar priced over 5,000 dollars is the favored choice of a majority of experienced guitarists. A guitar under 200 dollars, on the other hand, might be a good fit for beginner level players. However, an electric guitar under 500 dollars is suitable for players of all levels. No matter whether you’re an amateur, intermediate or advanced player, this kind of guitar fits the needs and budget of all.


When playing any instrument, comfort is paramount. You just can’t perform better if you don’t feel comfortable with the instrument. This is applicable to guitars too. Although a high-end guitar priced over 5,000 dollars may render the much-needed comfort, it may not fit your budget.

A low-priced guitar under 200 may fit perfectly within your budget range, but it won’t render the desired comfort level. In this kind of situation, a good-quality guitar (under 500 dollars) made by a reputed brand seems to be the best option. Such an instrument makes the right balance between comfort and budget.

Advanced electric guitar features

Creating exquisite sounds with a guitar means you should have your hands on the latest features. In fact, it’s the additions and inclusions (such as frets, sound, and guitar quality) that give unique attributes to the instrument. The inclusion of advanced features lets you create all kinds of sounds like a breeze.

However, most advanced features are usually found in a high-end guitar priced between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars. The good news is many reputed brands include some of these features in electric guitars below 500 dollars. In exchange for a small investment, you can produce amazing sounds like a pro.


The number of guitar enthusiasts is increasing day by day. Players of all levels (amateurs as well as experienced professionals) wish to own a guitar to demonstrate their skills. However, the budget is a major concern when looking for guitars. A guitar priced below 500 dollars may not be too economical, but it’s neither too pricey as well. Even average working individuals can afford the cost of this guitar.

Closing thoughts

A quality guitar with enhanced features is imperative to take your music venture to a new level. It’s here electric guitars in the reasonable price range come into the picture to help out. No matter your skill level and experience, the best electric guitar under 500 dollars will let you create fantastic sounds.

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