Fine Arts – the Way to be Creative

Fine Arts – the Way to be Creative

Every individual has some amount of creativity within them, fine arts is the best platform to exercise one’s creativity. Fine arts include all forms of art namely sculpting, music, photography, opera, poetry, drawing and music, and the name has been derived from the French word “beaux arts”. Fine arts as the name suggests is basically the refinement of all forms of art and so is the most ideal thing for all those want to showcase their talent.

Through fine arts one is able to bring before the audience or the viewer something that a common man will not imagine on seeing a regular object. In other words it is a way of making the ordinary extra ordinary. It is a good thing that more and more people have now realized the worth of fine arts and are appreciating it as well. Mark Borghi is one such person who owns fine arts galleries.

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He started off with one gallery in New York City, following that he managed to own two more galleries, one in Palm Beach and the other in Bridgehampton. His exhibitions are an absolutely delightful experience, where you get to see exceedingly beautiful pieces of art be it painting or even sculpture.

The works of the infamous Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and others are exhibited here and its wide range of exhibits makes it a rather famous place for art appreciation. He set up his first gallery in 1998 and since then has hosted several art exhibitions every now and then.

Painting is the most celebrated form of fine arts, and it is this affinity towards painting that draws a lot of viewers to these art exhibitions. Of course you can get to see a lot of art work and appreciate them even at an art auction, where magnificent and rare pieces of art are sold and bought. These exhibitions are the ideal for indulging in a culture of art and fine arts.

These exhibitions held by the Mark Borghi Fine Arts Galleries house all sorts of art work- contemporary, abstract, conceptual, pop art and many others. If you are lucky enough you can also get to see the amazing sculptures like the recently held one at Bridgehampton, where wall sculpture was created using the spare parts of vintage cars, Ford, Porsche, etc.

Going by one definition of fine arts, it is considered to be a visual art that is created basically to satisfy the aesthetic and intellectual purposes and it is judged for its meaningfulness and beauty. The previously mentioned art forms now have several other companions that also fall under the category of fine arts, they are animation, calligraphy, architecture, assemblage, artistic design, illuminated manuscript, mosaic, stained glass, tapestry, ceramics, folk, graphitti, performance and photography too.

Thus, it can concluded that all those activities that involve the use of line, form, shape, space, texture, color and value are considered to be having the various elements of art and are therefore various forms of art.


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