Get Free Coins with Heart of Vegas Gifts & Facebook

Get Free Coins with Heart of Vegas Gifts & Facebook

So you’ve discovered how to access and play Aristocrat Pokies online – an awesome feeling that was short lived as you realized your HoV Coin count was dropping dramatically.

Perhaps you have searched the internet to find out how to get the unlimited Heart of Vegas coins. And maybe you have discovered that those HOV hacks do not work, but rather have given many players headaches. So, the question of how to get the Heart of Vegas coins remains unanswered. But the answer to the question is simple: get those Heart of Vegas gifts. Now just exactly how do they work?


Facebook Works Wonders

Heart of Vegas is a social casino application, and of course, to fully enjoy, one needs to mingle with other individuals. This is why the app is on Facebook. One has to share the passion and love for Heart of Vegas to get those additional coins.

Give Love and Gifts Everyday

Have you ever received an invitation from friends to start playing the Heart of Vegas? There is a reason why players invite friends to get started with HOV. It is the best way to get the much-coveted Heart of Vegas credits in the form of free coins

Players are given a chance to give gifts of HOV coins to friends in Facebook. Take note though that each player can give a gift to a friend once a day. This means that the player cannot give more than once for the day.

No man is an island. And in the world of this social casino, no player will survive without the help of friends or better yet, no player can get more coins without seeking the generosity of friends.

Do you want millions of Heart of Vegas coins? Then get more friends to play and give you those Heart of Vegas gifts. If you don’t have those many friends who play, then invite them over and have fun playing the casino games together.


There’s Always Room for More Friends

If you have exhausted your list of friends, and are in need of more Hearts of Vegas gifts, then we suggest that you hook up with those outside your circle. Find Facebook Heart of Vegas groups. Join them and grow your network of friends who enjoy casino games.

Alternatively, you can also join the fan pages of HOV. For sure, you will find friends in those pages who would be more than happy to share with you the Heart of Vegas gifts every single day. Aside from getting the gift of coins, you may also find the comments of fellow HOV lovers entertaining.

And who knows, you might find real and genuine friendships among HOV players, too

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