Guidelines for selecting an e-juice

Guidelines for selecting an e-juice

The first puff of an e-cigarette can give a heavenly pleasure only if it contains the right e-liquid. One wrong selection of e-liquid can spoil the entire fun of vaping. Availability of endless flavors and wide range of nicotine strength has made the selection process of E- juice quite difficult. The selection becomes further difficult for the beginners, as well as, for users who have no idea about E- juices.

This article deals with some of the basic guidelines which may help users to select the right E-liquid Mate items for their e-cigarette.

  1. Check for the flavour: Selecting the right flavour is very important. Some of the most popular choices include menthol and tobacco. Well, there is no harm in thinking out of the box especially when there are thousands of variety to select from. Moreover the user can select more than one flavour and can use them as per their mood or occasion. Mint, sweet and fruity flavors are found to be very much popular.
  2. Nicotine percentage: another important feature to be considered while making an e-liquid selection is the amount of nicotine present in it. Smokers of different level have different nicotine needs as far as smoking or vaping is concerned. A beginner may opt for zero or very less nicotine level in their vape juice. Whereas, an advance smoker would opt for a higher nicotine percentage.  the best possible way to select the right nicotine percentage is testing. A little bit of testing may help in getting that right percentage of nicotine which makes the experience of vaping pleasurable.
  3. Check for the required Quantity of e-liquid: depending upon the vaping frequency it is important for the user to calculate his/her e-juice requirements. This will further help the buyer to buy the selected e-juice in the right quantity.
  4. Check for feedback: with so many brands available in the market, it is important to check the reviews. This will help in ensuring the reliability and quality of the product.

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