Handy Tips to Buy Akoya Pearls

Handy Tips to Buy Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are being cultivated in Japan since the 20th century and are quite popular as they are the best quality cultured pearls available today. Its founder Kokichi Mikimoto has contributed largely to develop these cultured pearls. Presently this perfect round shape, small white pearls are cultivated in China and Vietnam too.

While buying Akoya pearls you need to consider certain factors like the pearl size, its overtone, shape and the pearls lustre which differentiate their quality. There are many online sites providing useful information about Akoya pearls. Few links where hints to know the right ways to adapt while buying Akoya pearls are posted, thus reading the blogs posted by well acclaimed jewellers you can purchase best quality pearls of the world.

Here are few hints to help you to buy these exotic pearls

  • Note the size of the pearl

You can choose from 3mm to 9mm size more than that is rare to find. The larger pearls are costly compared to smaller ones. Mostly jewellers suggest their customers to choose the size of the pearl suitable to customize beautiful ornaments.

  • Choose according to the overtones of the pearl

Most of the Akoya pearls outer surface seems to have shades of silver, cream and pink. All look quite beautiful and trendy to be embedded in any valuable metal. There is even black shaded overtone of Akoya, which is little expensive but it is quite expensive. Thus, the multiple overtones of Akoya pearls are always best to choose among the many kinds displayed in the gem stone shops.

  • Lustre

This quality of pearls determines its value, thus the pearl needs to shine brightly. The way the pearl reflects lights makes it more appealing and luring for customers to buy.

  • Quality of the pearls

Its lustre and shape determines the quality, thus the pearl reflecting diminished light and not in perfect round shape isn’t valued high.

While shopping around for pearls make sure to consider buying from shops giving right value for the pearls. You can anytime verify the rates and can gain more info from online sites. The reviews of their valid customers will help in deciding the creditability of the Akoya pearl sellers.

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