How a Headhunter Can Drive Your Job Search Forward

How a Headhunter Can Drive Your Job Search Forward

Dismayed with your inability to find your dream job? Getting stuck in a rut with your job search?

It may not be your skills or experience that’s holding you back.

No, it could simply amount to your approach to job searching. If you’ve been pounding the proverbial pavement to no avail, sending out CV after CVs with no response, then it’s time to consider another approach.

Turning to the experts

Working with a headhunter can be the catalyst your job search needs to progress to the next level. With hundreds (if not thousands) of candidates all fighting for the same position, hiring a headhunter can be the differentiating factor in an employer’s decision-making process.

Outsourcing your job search needs goes beyond working with a difference maker. Headhunters usher in other advantages to drive your job search forward. Not only do they demystify the hiring process, but they’ll work closely with you to land you your dream job.

Still unsure about working with a headhunter? Here are seven reasons to consider working with a headhunter.

  • It saves time on your job search

Simply put, a headhunter’s role is to provide employment recruitment services. This means they spend countless hours identifying, approaching, and enlisting suitable candidates to fill business positions. This is their full-time job and their commitment to you as a candidate.

As such, they know what jobs are out there, both currently advertised and those yet to be advertised (or as it’s often called, the “hidden job market”).

As someone with other obligations in life, you may not be able to fully commit the time necessary to pore through job boards to find your next job. Whether you’re attending school, working full-time, or taking care of your family, you have commitments elsewhere limiting your ability to search for a job.

Using a headhunter can help save you time and eliminate the guesswork of trying to find a job in today’s highly competitive job market.

  • They are specialized in your industry

A seasoned headhunter will be very knowledgeable about your industry.

As a referral business, headhunters must be experienced in the industries they’re recruiting for. They must be able to effectively translate job requirements to find suitable candidates to fill the required position.

As such, they will know the ins and outs of the job you’re applying for. They’ll know what bullet points on a job description are the most important to a hiring manager, and what are secondary.

This insider knowledge will help your application not only stand out from the competition, but also automatically help you get in front of the line.

  • They have direct access to the hiring manager

Speaking of hiring managers, headhunters are not only building relationships with candidates such as yourself, but also with the hiring managers who decide your fate. They know what the company needs and requires out of the candidates.

Headhunters also know which candidates are perfectly suited to match the company’s culture.

This mutually beneficial relationship is founded on a foundation of trust, which means by the time a headhunter recruits you, you’re already that one step closer to being considered for the position.

And in presenting your candidacy to the hiring manager, they can promote your strengths and assets to your potential future employer, putting your experiences in a positive light and greatly improving your chances of being hired.

  • Professional headhunters have a large, active network of jobs to pull from

Anyone who’s recently performed a job search by themselves knows how frustrating and labor-intensive it can be. Job searches today are highly competitive and many online job boards feel like resume black holes.

Working with a headhunter allows you to escape the notorious resume black hole ever-present in today’s job search scene.

Their active network of hiring managers means they constantly have job positions that need immediate filling. Even if the positions haven’t been advertised yet, headhunters know which potential candidates are best suited to fill a position.

Their pool of jobs that require filling means you have more options and opportunities to find a job offer you really want.

  • Headhunters are focused on closing

A headhunter’s main priority is to get you hired. Why? Because they get only get paid once you’re placed in a position.

While there are a lot of factors that determine how headhunters get paid, most will receive a recruitment fee or placement fee only once you’ve accepted the job offer. This means they will work tirelessly with you to place you in the right position that satisfies both candidate and employer.

A candidate that’s unsatisfied with their new position may quit abruptly.

This may tarnish a headhunter’s reputation with a hiring manager or brand. Consequently, headhunters will work tirelessly with you to confirm you’re the perfect candidate to fill the position before passing your application along.

  • Headhunters can guide you through the interview process

Job seekers who have spent any significant amount of time applying for jobs know how uncomfortable, awkward, and difficult interviews can be. First impressions matter when it comes to landing your dream job.

One mistake during the interview process can mean not landing the job of your dreams.

As headhunters have a working relationship with the hiring manager, they have the inside scoop on what the hiring manager is specifically looking for. They know the intangibles as well as the expected skills a hiring manager desires.

Their long-term relationship with a hiring manager may also mean they know the specific questions or topics that will get discussed during the interview. This will allow them to effectively guide you through the interview process, ensuring you land the job.

  • Headhunters are good barometers

Traditionally, barometers are used to scientifically measure atmospheric pressure. For our purposes, barometers are figurative, indicating standards and fluctuations in your desired industry.

An experienced headhunter is a great barometer for your job search. Their insider knowledge of industry trends can provide great insights during the hiring process.

They can indicate how much room is available in salary negotiations, share ways to negotiate benefits like work hours, vacation days, etc., and point to skills you must possess to qualify for your desired position.

Without a headhunter providing you this information, it simply becomes a guessing game and you may sell yourself short during the negotiation process.

Making the most out of a headhunter’s services

A headhunter can do many things for you, but it is in your best interest to be as involved in the hiring process as possible. Be honest and transparent, ask questions, and let your concerns be heard.

If a position comes up that doesn’t feel right, let your headhunter know so they can offer you other positions.

Be sure you follow up regularly with your headhunter. Stay in close contact and check-in periodically during your job search if you haven’t heard back from your headhunter. This will confirm your desire to be placed for a new position.

At the end of your job search, be sure to thank your headhunter. Staying on good terms will ensure you can employ their services again in the future.


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A recruitment professional with over twenty years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, David is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones.

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