How An Intellectual Property Attorney Can Help Your Case

How An Intellectual Property Attorney Can Help Your Case

Intellectual Property Attorney

Protecting your intellectual property is one of the most important things you can do to secure the longevity of your business. An intellectual property attorney is necessary for getting trademarks and patents. Trademarks are complicated to apply for and obtain, but it will help to ensure that your physical and intellectual property including your logos are protected.

It is always your choice if you want to offer your coaching services or. Some of the products that you created such as courses or materials for other people to use, you can charge for these services and products because you are the executive creator of these products. What you need to protect against however is people using your material and ideas without paying you for them.

Protect Your Intellectual Property With An Attorney

An intellectual property attorney can help you handle all your trademark and patent needs. trademark laws complicated and you need a professional to help you navigate through all aspects of getting your trademarks and patents.

Some signs of a qualified trademark attorney including but not limited to good communication skills, a proven track record, and the ability to work alone and be up-to-date and all aspects 2 current trademark law.

Adhering To Laws As Per The Land

Trademarks are often linked to a certain geographical location. One way to ensure that your business name and or logo are available is to go to the website of United States Patent and trademark office’s or USPTO and search their database. There are four categories of distinctness for trademarks they are descriptive, arbitrary, generic, and suggestive.

Only Hire A Qualified Lawyer

It is always in your best interest to hire a qualified trademark attorney to make sure that all your intellectual property is protected. Once you have the necessary trademark and patents if a person or a company tries to use your material without permission you are able to take legal action against that person or company.

Trademarks/Patents Ideal For Active Commercial Businesses

In order to get a trademark, your business or company should be active in commerce. This means that you’re making money off of your ideas, products or services. You should also make sure that the names for your businesses are scalable, this allows for the proper growth of your company without having to update or change the business name.

For example, if you already have a popular blog you may want to look into getting a trademark for that name, chances are you already have the name of the website so it will be easier to file a trademark under the website name. This will give you the ability to produce many products including but not limited to E-courses, books, coaching opportunities and speaking engagement.

Apply For A Trademark That Protects You In The Longrun

You want to make sure that the trademarks and patents you apply for can carry your business for many years. Trademarks never expire there is still an active trademark for well-known companies such as Cream of Wheat. Cream of the Wheat trademark was pulled in 1893. An intellectual property attorney is someone that you need to help you.

If You Have A Franchise Spread In Various Locations

If your business is one that you would like to franchise in the future or open up multiple locations even in your own local metro area, it helps customers recognize your business if you’re able to carry on the same business name. This is the reason we at David Page recommend against naming your business based solely on a geographical location such as a city named or street name. Many business owners decide to do this at first to get instant recognizability to customers that may be located in that immediate area however this ‘theory’ that you should name your business according to the location, is small thinking and doesn’t speak to the growth and potential of your business.

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