How the Snacks Bar Have Been Catering to A Diversified Market Presently?

How the Snacks Bar Have Been Catering to A Diversified Market Presently?

Those who have been working in the food industry for quite a few days, when asked, describe the snack and nutritional bar market as dynamic, competitive and innovative. So there’s nothing to be amazed about if the sales of these snacks bar increase by 5 percent in a span of 52 weeks. A major portion of this increase in sales is carried out by the nutritional and health value bar segment which in the last year has drawn a growth of almost 7.9 percent. While speaking with some of the experts in the field like Peter Gaum, who is even the CEO of the Santa Barbara Bar, says that the bar market is going pretty strong, and the market response passes a strong note that it will be on the higher note for quite a few days. The consumers have to snack quite a bit, and the bars are the best-known snack items for those who focus on the health factor as well rather than sheer indulgence.

In tandem with that, the entire market has seen a stronger growth in the premium, nutritional side of the industry rather than the granola one, which is the most cost-effective segment of the entire lot. The nutritional bars have been found to do best among those affluent lots who apart from the taste are also concerned about the health factors and even the clean label claims. The alternative sweeteners that are generally used in these bars are organic almonds and even the ancient grains.

But as the segment keeps growing, there’s also a paradigm shift that has been noted by many of those experts in the industry. The market is getting more and more fragmented, and it is the prominence of the local and regional players that are diminishing the strength of the national brands which have been doing business off lately. The barrier to enter this particular segment is pretty low, so most of the marketers are keen on avoiding the brick and mortar investment focusing mostly on the formulation of these snacks bar. The specialty bars have been launched to cater a varied range of needs- namely cycling, muscle recovery, and even stress reduction.

The biggest challenge in the bar category is maintaining the relevance with the customers. With multiple options of offerings available in the market, creating an own identity for the brand has posed to be the toughest challenge for Peter Gaum Santa Barbara. But they have been witty enough and have segmented the entire market accordingly and have set target offerings providing the compelling benefits that successfully meet the taste of the customers as well. There’s nothing secret about the fact that it is the clean label that plays the trick for those who look for the nutritional appeal.

So when it comes to the bars, the solution to this problem is the inclusion of the fruits, nuts, and seeds since they are nutritionally recognizable on the label. The more you able to market it, the better hold you make the market. Make sure you understand the pulse of the market before approaching it out in broad daylight.a

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