How to Bring Romance Back Into Your Relationship

How to Bring Romance Back Into Your Relationship

It is very okay and normal for things to get a little stale in the attraction sector. Some couples might get lucky and pass the phase whereby the flame burns out. Keeping it burning, however, is not always an easy task. And the sad part is that it might take you long before you notice that the fire is no longer burning like it used to. What are the signs that the passion in your relationship is suffering? It is when sex starts becoming routine or infrequent and when only one half of the couple is always initiating it.

You should, nevertheless, not despair, you can still redeem the romance in your relationship. Let’s take a look at some things you can do to get things back on track.

  1. Boost your dopamine already!

Dopamine takes up the role of neurotransmitters which is to send signals to the nerve cells. This is the chemical responsible for all the butterflies you had when you first met your partner. You need it back. High levels of dopamine will increase the attraction that you once had. You can boost your dopamine together by merely doing something new like visiting the new restaurant together, take a salsa class and so on. Any new experience that will excite you will undoubtedly boost your dopamine.

  1. How about you spark some mystery?

Some mystery will do the romance in your relationship some justice. The first step in this is to ensure that you remain to be your true self, it is the only way that change will be constant, and as you may well be aware change has a contribution to the mystery. The other way to keep the mystery alive is to self-explore and by not losing a sense of wonder by having time with your partner more often. Also, it is vital that you do not lose touch with spontaneity.

  1. Kiss more often

How often do you guys kiss? Is it as often as you did in the first days of seeing each other? If no, you need to realize that is where you are going wrong. Kissing is a quick and effective therapy for dying romance. Note that kissing triggers a chemical reaction in your brain causing it to release the “love hormone,” scientifically known as oxytocin. Oxytocin does great at increasing affection and attraction. Kissing might be the only thing that is missing in your romance!

  1. Reminisce

Did you know reminiscing your first days of romance can bring the spark back? Well, now you know. The catch is you can do this anytime. Over coffee, while you cook or do the dishes while watching TV or even during your regular check-ins.

  1. Talk to a professional

Have you thought of bringing in a sex coach? A sex coach is like a therapist that will not only hold your hand through it but also be accountable for the transformation you are looking to. While you might notice that there is a problem in your romance, you might not have the perfect idea of how best to go about it. A sex coach will come in handy during such times.

While the above tips are a good start, they are not the only steps necessary to take in order to bring romance back into your relationship. For example, according to Shannon McHugh, you should follow these steps. They include becoming more detail oriented, give more space and other actions you should take.

If your relationship is suffering in the romance sector, the tips above are a great start to bring back its glory. If that doesn’t work out, there’s always couples counseling. Just remember to not give up so quickly.

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