How to choose the perfect trolley designs for your kitchen?

How to choose the perfect trolley designs for your kitchen?

A modular kitchen is one that fits the most items perfectly; it has become essential to have a chic-looking, well designed layout for efficient, practical space usages. It offers many benefits when compared with traditional kitchen setup.

A well-planned modular unit should be able to provide plenty of storage space even in the tiny areas.  Installing the components doesn’t take much effort or time, while even the individual pieces can be assembled or replaced if needed, without causing damage to other components. Select from a huge list of kitchen accessories, kitchen tops, units, handles, and material types. Since it’s made of high quality materials, it offers great durability as well. If you’re planning to customize as per your budget and space, you can as well do that. However, do not forget to check the following aspects so that can be rest assured that you’re buying the bets brand.

Material quality and type

Though appearance matters a lot, you should not ignore quality and functional aspects associated with modular kitchen units. Try giving importance to the interior looks too! Decorative, flashy, and bright finishes can be offered by any maker, Pull out units, trolley, open shutters in the interior makes the kitchen well-designed. Be it an island or built-in kitchen, trolley is an essential piece of furniture. When you’ve decided the best-quality wood, why compromise on trolley designs or materials?


The shape of the kitchen usually depends on the area available; the most common and popular layouts are parallel, straight, u-shaped, and l-shaped kitchens. If you’ve considerably very large area, you can opt for open kitchen or island kitchen concept as well. Pay attention to the location of windows and doors in your house and existing electrical outlets, plumbing, and kitchen appliances so as to decide what works the best for you.

While planning the shape, you must also consider the depth of countertops, height of cabinets, so that you can get an ergonomically designed kitchen. Check with your designer or consultant if anything can be customised, so that no space goes wasted.

Check for storage choices

Trolley is a must-have furniture item and its primary use is to store all kitchen lines and cutlery items in a systematic manner. It can be fitted with different types of channels, such as basic, soft-close, and push-to-open, etc. The trolleys or baskets in the cabinets are either made out of wood and stainless steel. Due to easy maintenance and cleaning, many prefer stainless steel over wood. These trolleys come in different types to help you to arrange utensils and other kitchen items. Plate baskets are the one where you can arrange trays, plates, lids, and other items that are having flat surface, while plain basket are ideal to store big utensils.  There is also cutlery basket available to keep small utensils, like knives, spoons. The cup and saucer basket usually have soft-close channel, so that delicate items like glass, cups can be kept.

Looking for hassle-free furnishing, contact Livspace today to customize your kitchen according to your budget needs and space. You’ll get customised and factory made modular kitchen trolley design that are tested and approved by quality experts. The price estimator calculator will also help you to choose the design as per your budget estimation.

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