How to Implement Successful Videoconference System

How to Implement Successful Videoconference System

More and more people enjoy the benefits of video conferencing in their daily lives to communicate with friends, family or to conduct job interviews, but in many cases, this use is not transferred to the job. According to a study by Microsoft Skype for Business and Connect Solutions, in which it shows that 41{63cc54f46810544ee7fd18143549f9c1c62ec1ca07be04e2cdeadfacaaacdd7a} of employees use video conferencing tool in the workplace, 57{63cc54f46810544ee7fd18143549f9c1c62ec1ca07be04e2cdeadfacaaacdd7a} of them only do it once a month and this figure still decreases more in mobile video calls, since its use is reduced to 19{63cc54f46810544ee7fd18143549f9c1c62ec1ca07be04e2cdeadfacaaacdd7a}. But, what are the reasons?

One of the reasons is that many companies still see video conferencing as a tool for executives, without assessing the potential that would have all employees have access to it. Not only would there be a much faster return on investment, but it would also improve the work and communication with colleagues who are in other places, avoiding traveling (with savings in time and costs) and boosting teamwork.

On the other hand, sometimes video conference is considered as static, since they were traditionally performed in specific rooms and with little flexibility. At present, however, the modalities in the cloud allow you to connect different participants from your laptops, mobile devices or tablets, anytime and anywhere, without the need for meeting rooms and favoring availability, mobility and teleworking.

But, according to Christopher Martini, vice president of Skype, the main reason is the lack of training, “The technology is there and the workers are willing to use it, they simply have to show them how.” In this sense, it is very important that when a company bets on a videoconference system, users receive initial training on their operation and benefits such as how to log in, add participants or share documents. In this way, frustrations and rejection of change will be avoided on the one hand, and on the other hand, they will learn to extract the maximum performance from the service and enjoy its benefits.

In this sense, ezTalks Cloud Meeting, ezTalks’ professional cloud video conferencing service, offers a continuous training program in its ezTalks Cloud Meeting Room, Equipment and Webinar modalities. The courses are taught via webinar allowing users to participate from the same job easily and conveniently, and are divided into two levels (basic and advanced) in order to adapt to the maximum knowledge of each employee.

After completing the two free seminars, ezTalks Cloud Meeting’s clients have the know-how to make a video conference a pleasant and productive experience, and can enjoy the benefits of this videoconference, such as reducing costs in diets and travel, eliminating losses time on unnecessary journeys, and improving the quality of life of employees.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting, is a service specially designed for the professional world, with HD quality and allows to participate in videoconferences from any device (Macs, PCs smartphones, tablets with iOS or Android) and place, thus providing the flexibility and mobility that employees Need.

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