How to Re-Design Your Garden at a Low Budget

How to Re-Design Your Garden at a Low Budget

Wanting to re-design your garden? Are you short on funds and want to do it on a low budget? You can do this and actually make your garden look remarkably enticing. However, there are a few things which you will need to put in place in order of making sure you maximise all possible opportunities, for example:intel

  1. Even though you’re working on a small budget, you must know what your budget is. For example, if it is £100 or perhaps slightly smaller or bigger. Once you know what your budget is this can make it a lot easier to gather your thoughts together and think of ways to re-design.
  2. You need to know what it is you want to re-design, is it your whole garden? Or perhaps it’s the lawn or the flower beds. There are many ways to re-design your garden and the simplest of things can make it look totally different. For example, adding stones or maybe it’s adding mirrors around the garden.
  3. Have you got children and want them to be a part of the experience? It’s simple,why don’t you get them to paint a garden gnome, or the patio flags. This can look stylish and colourful depending on what look you’re going for. Not only this but getting them to make DIY insects, like butterflies or dragonflies can be creative and work well in the garden too.
  4. If you’re wanting to extend your lawn or add a flower bed then you must know how big or small the plot is, you wish to change. This doesn’t just give you actual measurements but also shows you what will work in that area of space.
  5. Many people struggle on actually sticking to the budget, especially if it is in relation to adding garden furniture. This normally takes up the majority of their budget. So before you go out and buy things for your garden, you must add up the costs and see if it is actually do-able.
  6. If you aren’t someone who has a creative flare, or not really the gardening type but just likes it to look nice, they why not hire yourself a designer. There are many local garden designers which work at affordable costs and do a great job! Use your money wisely, this is key.
  7. Are you a lover of wine? Got a lot of empty wine bottles lying around the house? Then make use of them and plant them in your garden, people stick them up from the floor to create a colourful look, however many people place them into a wall so it gives a unique look which no one else has seen.
  8. Have you got spare pieces of wood lying around? Why don’t you make your own walkway, not only will this separate places in the garden but is also extremely cheap!

There are plenty of ways you can decorate and re-design your garden at a low budget, you just have to use your imagination, plan and just simply go with it.

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