How to Turn Your Smartphone Into the Perfect Fitness Buddy

How to Turn Your Smartphone Into the Perfect Fitness Buddy

Health and fitness experts agree that getting fit is more effective when you are doing it with someone.

 Indeed, it’s more fun to work on a health goal such as losing weight with someone who cares about you such as your BFF. This person can make the process not only more enjoyable, but he or she can also provide you the support you need to accomplish your fitness goals.

Unfortunately, due to people’s busy lifestyles, it’s hard to perfectly sync workout schedules with family and friends. Don’t get discouraged about this because a replacement is easy enough to find. It may even be more effective than a human fitness companion.

So, what is this wonderful replacement? A smartphone.

This compact mobile device can help you in a variety of ways if you are working on becoming healthier by adhering to an intentional lifestyle. Here are the different ways it can serve as your fitness buddy:

1. Use its built-in organizer/planner to map out your workout routine.

Organizers and planners allow you to create a fitness or workout schedule so you are not just squeezing exercise into your day. By using your phone planner or organizer, you will be notified about when you are supposed to change into your running clothes already or drive to the gym.

Now, if you want a more sophisticated digital reminder, there are organizing apps that you can download into your phone as well.

2. Download a pedometer app.

This is a wonderful way to make sure that you are literally taking enough steps a day to stay healthy. A pedometer app will count all of your steps, so make sure that you always have your phone on you.

With this app, you will be informed about the number of steps that you have taken and how many more you need to take to reach the recommended steps for good health (which is 10,000).

3. Listen to songs online.

Download an app that will let you listen to a vast collection of songs online.

Choose songs that you can put in your workout playlist. This simple strategy is quite effective in prepping people for physical training or just to get the body moving when exercising can only be squeezed into free time pockets of a day.

4. Follow health and fitness accounts on social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest have accounts dedicated completely to fitness and health. From these, you can get a load of information on anything fitness-related.

If your phone allows you to go on Facebook without Internet, you can be notified regularly about new content that will be useful to you.

The wonderful thing about social media is that it’s interactive. Should you have trouble with certain exercises or if you need a bit of guidance, you can send a message to the account holders or leave a comment. In no time, there will be answers to your queries.

Don’t forget to use YouTube as well. You can find everything from diet tips, diet trends, and millions of exercise videos for you to follow on this social media sharing site.

5. Download a security app to ensure safety when exercising outdoors.

Sometimes, people do not want to head out to jog, hike, bike, or run for fear of running into bad people.

A security app like “Watch Over Me” can track how long you are out, and it will allow you to form an emergency contact list that will be notified should you fail to come home and are unreachable at the time you should already be.

There are also those alarm apps that sound off loudly to signal help. These are useful in the event of an attack while you are working out alone.

With these apps (which you should really get if your phone comes in a package with free Internet), you can worry less about heading out to exercise on your own.

6. Find healthy restaurants on your phone.

Eating out can be a drag when you are trying to stick to a diet because healthy restaurants are not always easy to find. You can make the search easier by using your smartphone to go online and find healthy restaurants near you.

Google will provide you with the directions to the place, phone number, and even the ratings for these restaurants. You may even be able to place a reservation straight from your phone so when you get to the restaurant, you will no longer have to wait and be served your order right away.

There are still so many other ways to use your smartphone to help you stay or become fit. Expect to discover more of them as you apply the methods shared here.


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Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.

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