How To Use A Singing Bowl During Meditation

How To Use A Singing Bowl During Meditation

People who have started to embrace meditation as a part of their daily routine will sooner or later look for singing bowls for sale. A singing bowl is an item used to enhance the meditation experience and has the potential to last more than a lifetime. With a high-quality bowl and the right care, a singing bowl will ring and work the same way it did decades after being first used.

What Are Its Uses?

Although commonly associated with mediation, there are other ways to use your singing bowl to ensure that it is worth the investment. Here are the different uses for the singing bowl:

Part of healing practices, both physically and mentally.

As a musical instrument for performances

For yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices

An altarpiece or as a ceremonial object

Soothing sounds for babies and children

Cleansing different objects of negative energy

Becoming Familiar With The Bowl

First and foremost you need to find singing bowls for sale that appeals to your soul and gives you a positive vibe. Give it a ring to see if its sound offers you peace of mind, that is how you know you have found a bowl you will love.

Once you have the bowl within your possession, keep it in a place where you will see it every day. This will ensure that you will not forget about the singing bowl and you can ring it whenever you feel like you need to hear its reassuring and comforting sound. Eventually, the sound of the bowl will leave an imprint in your brain that will associate it with peace, calm, and serenity.

Different Ways To Play The Singing Bowl

There are a couple of ways to play the singing bowl and they all have their significance. For people who want to associate the sound of the bowl with a quiet and calming state of relaxed consciousness, tapping the bowl with a mallet is the best way to achieve this. By concentrating on the sound of the bowl as it slowly quiets down, the mind can easily begin to focus. This is the easiest way to play the singing bowl that does not require the user to split their attention.

Another way to play the bowl, which is commonly seen in many places is by circling the rim with the mallet. As you circle the rim, the sound collects inside the bowl and will being to emit a calm and reassuring continuous sound. This is commonly heard during healing practices, yoga, meditation, and prayers. While the sound may bring some peace to those who hear it, the one playing the bowl will find that their attention is divided as it requires more effort to circle the rim than to simply strike the bowl.

Find What Works Best For You

What works for one person may not work for others, that is very true when it comes to singing bowl. You will need a few tries and a couple of sessions to find a rhythm that your mind and body responds to the best. Don’t worry, once you find the perfect sound you will slowly develop the familiarity needed to find peace and calm with the sound of a singing bowl.
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