How to write a written declaration for your traffic ticket?

How to write a written declaration for your traffic ticket?

Getting hit with a traffic violation will always be inconvenient for you. There are times when you have to prove that you did not do anything wrong especially if you believe that you did not do anything that would prompt you to get a ticket. You can always speed up the process or get the help that you deserve when you hire a traffic attorney.

In California, you can choose to fight the traffic tickets that you will receive with the process that is known as Trial by Written Declaration. This is a form of process that drivers choose in lieu of appearing in court.

How Does this Work?

You would be required to send a traffic ticket defense to the traffic court that will come with form number TR-205. You have the option to submit this form in person or you may also send this through the mail. It is recommended that you will give it in person because you also need to pay the bail. There is always a chance that the bail money will get lost if you send it through the mail. You can make the whole process more bearable if you would seek the help of a California speeding ticket lawyer to help you out.

There are some people who will not choose to hire a lawyer anymore because they know that they can do this on their own. If you would like more advice regarding the information that you will place on the form, that is the only time when you may choose to hire a lawyer.

Some people would rather send through the mail system because they live far from the traffic court. It will not be ideal for them to visit anymore. No matter how you would submit the form and the bail money, you can wait for the traffic court to make their decision. This would take about 30-90 days depending on the case.

If in case the traffic court decides that the case will be dismissed, then a court order will be issued together with the bail money that was given. If in case you lose, you have the option to accept the verdict. If you would lose this process, you can always proceed to court. You need the help of a lawyer to improve your chances of getting your case dismissed.

What if the Traffic Officer Does Not Show Up?

Let us say that the traffic office that issued your long beach traffic ticket fails to show up on the actual court day? The judge will automatically dismiss your ticket and you do not have to worry about it anymore. There may still be paperwork involved but this will be minimal for sure.

Other Things to Know

You can always avoid getting a traffic ticket if you would follow the rules set by your state. The rules and the laws may seem overwhelming at times but they are created for a reason. They are meant to help protect people from harm. The least that you can do is to follow them.

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