Is it Illegal to Buy Counterfeit or Knockoff Designer Goods?

  Is it Illegal to Buy Counterfeit or Knockoff Designer Goods?

Counterfeit or knockoff designer goods have gained quite popularity in recent times. But what are they exactly? Counterfeit items are basically copies of a brand’s labels or trademark symbols. Designer handbags are one of the most commonly counterfeited items. For example, a counterfeit bag may have a Michael Kors handbags logo on it. They are designed in a way to resemble the original product, in short to be absolutely identical to it. Knockoff products, on the contrary, do not have these symbols or logos, and simply resemble the original product. Knockoff products, in other words could be called a cheap imitation. Electronics are favorites for knockoffs; for example number of phones in the market that closely resemble to Apple’s iPhone.Image result for Is it Illegal to Buy Counterfeit or Knockoff Designer Goods?

Out of the two types, counterfeit goods are more tricky, and quite often buyers are seen becoming a victim of such counterfeit products unknowingly. Thus, buying such products is not illegal, as the buyer has actually paid money to buy them. But selling such products could make one face legal issues.

Counterfeit and knockoff products have been a booming industry in the US, and gradually have entered the Indian market as well. As a consumer, if you are concerned that what you are buying might be a counterfeit or knockoff product, it is always better to use some common sense. These products are priced significantly lower compared to the original products. If you believe that you have been sold any such products, you can always reach the consumer forum and could straight away lodge a complaint against the seller.

There are many places in India that are famous for selling counterfeit and knockoff products. Many a times, people deliberately look for such goods as they are not financially sound to buy a Prada bag or a Gucci watch, so they try and satisfy their urge by simply buying fake products.

But if you really want to purchase real and genuine designer products, it is better to play safe. Always try and buy high-end designer apparels and accessories from reputed stores whether online or brick and mortar. Nowadays, there are so many online luxury shopping stores which stock some of the famous high-end luxury labels of fashion apparels and accessories. The range available with them is absolutely amazing and will surely spoil you for choice. You could easily rely on them when it comes to authenticity and price of the products, as they stock only genuine products and that too at genuine prices. You may also be able to avail various discounts and coupons on purchasing fashion apparels and accessories online through these platforms. The returns and exchange policies are also quite flexible which makes them all the more reliable and loved by us. Some of the famous online luxury shopping stores are Tata CLiQ Luxury, Darvey’s, Elitify etc to name a few. So hurry up and buy yourself a nice Furla handbag or Dior sunglasses or  pair of Armani jeans and simply wow everybody around with your killer looks.

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