Is Levitra an Effective Remedy for Restoring Potency?

Is Levitra an Effective Remedy for Restoring Potency?

Levitra is a drug in the form of tablets designed to solve the problem of impotence. It’s effective in maintaining an erection at the desired level. It is prescribed to patients who are unable to have sexual intercourse due to instability of an erection or its complete absence. Therefore, Levitra is designed exclusively for adult men.

The use of this drug for women and children under the age of sixteen years, is contraindicated. In cases where a man has difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection, using Levitra to provide an opportunity to perform sexual intercourse is a very effective method. Once in the body, this drug penetrates the bloodstream in a very short time.

You can notice the first results approximately half an hour after administration (this period depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and may be more or less by 5-15 minutes). One dose of the drug is valid for about 4-5 hours. The level of its content in the bloodstream reaches a maximum an hour after admission, then it is only maintained, and then gradually decreases to zero.

If Levitra is taken at the same time as a fatty meal, its action is slowed down, so the effect appears much later, and the process of its elimination from the body takes about one hour more. The content of the drug in the bloodstream is reduced by 20%. However, this does not affect the performance of their main function – improving erection. With the simultaneous use of the drug with non-fatty foods no delay arises.

The manufacturer’s instructions state that Levitra is permissible to use even with a strong manifestation of sexual dysfunction, however, not as the main drug, but as a supplement. Customers usually find that they save more using Levitra coupon than using BAYER manufacturer coupons.

According to the results of the research, scientists found that even in the case of complete impotence, many patients experience a full recovery of male power after one month of regular use of this drug.

Levitra increases the duration of sexual intercourse due to the delay of ejaculation, and with its constant admission, the duration of sexual intercourse increases several times. But it should be understood that she does not create an erection on her own, but only contributes to its strengthening in the course of general stimulation of sexual life. Like any medication, Levitra causes side effects that vary from person to person in both the frequency and the main symptoms.

With advanced forms of cardiovascular diseases, there is an increased risk of such side effects of Levitra as an increase in problems with blood vessels, brain, blood pressure. The peak of danger comes at a time when sexual intercourse takes place and an orgasm is tested. Even this safe stimulant can be the main cause of poor health. In some cases, it is fraught with fainting, stroke or heart attack. Therefore, if there is any doubt about this, it is necessary to coordinate the use of the drug with the doctor.

In addition, Levitra is contraindicated in anterior optical ischemic neuropathy. If you ignore the initial manifestations, then there is the likelihood of a sudden loss of vision. In case of deterioration of vision after using the drug, you should immediately contact the doctor: timely response provides the ability to quickly restore the normal state.

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