Learn How To Prepare For Possible Topics For Cheap Custom Essays

Learn How To Prepare For Possible Topics For Cheap Custom Essays

If, like us, you are a mere mortal with no powers of divination, don’t worry! There are some ways to prepare and even hit the spotlight on the entrance exam. Get the help from Cheap Custom Papers to write the best cheap custom essays.
Here are some tips:

1. Follow the news

Being attuned to what happens in Brazil and in the world is the most basic step to prepare for possible writing topics. Most of the time, the evaluating boards choose themes that are on the rise or use current references to deal with more general themes.
Therefore, follow the news on news, radio, printed newspapers, magazines and news sites. The broader and more varied your sources are, the better prepared you will be.

2. Explore the internet

How about exchanging that time you spend browsing Facebook or watching series for something that, at the same time, adds knowledge and fun? It is possible to access different types of online content that will help you to broaden your knowledge on the most varied topics.
Use the internet to search for documentaries on relevant topics (such as the environment, politics, economics, etc.), listen to podcasts, see lectures (like the famous TED talks) and films on historical topics. You will certainly add a lot of luggage to use at the time of writing!

3. Read critical reviews

In addition to following the news, as we have already said, it is also interesting to seek texts with critical points of view on certain topics and events.
Reading this type of content, in addition to being a way of stimulating your own capacity for criticism, will also make you know how to put the facts in perspective – a very important skill to know how to build a consistent argument in the entrance exam.

4. Analyze themes from previous years

This is a classic tip that never goes out of style! As much as the evaluating boards are not in the habit of repeating themes already covered in old tests, researching what is charged in the essays of previous years is a good way to find out how that board usually addresses the issues.
This is also a way to “eliminate” topics that are unlikely to fall again in the entrance exam in the year you are taking the exam.

5. Make personal reflections on the facts

There are several vestibulandos who spend hours consuming informative content, reading news, newspaper articles and know everything that is happening in the world. However, at the time of the entrance exam, even if the topic is known to them, they are not able to argue about it.
This is because many end up just “memorizing” the facts and do not train their ability to reflect on them. Therefore, always train your reflexive ability: when reading about a certain topic, stop and think about your opinion about that, what are the positive and negative sides of the issue.

6. Watch out for “controversies”…

Controversial topics are always strong candidates for the entrance exam proposals. In 2015, for example, the theme of the ENEM essay was “The persistence of violence against women in Brazilian society”, an issue widely discussed in the media.
So keep the radar on and stay on top of controversies – be they new or already recurring.

7. But also pay attention to what’s not a headline

In the 2017 ENEM, many bet that the theme of the newsroom would address facts involving the current political scenario in the country at that time, such as labor and social security reforms, or even the corruption scandals that have surfaced in recent years.
However, the theme “Challenges for the educational training of the deaf in Brazil” surprised and caught many people off guard. The fact is that the bank will not always bet on the obvious and will often, on purpose, follow the opposite path.
Therefore, do not restrict your readings to newspaper headlines only. Always seek knowledge on the most varied topics so as not to be caught off guard at the time of writing.

8. Follow contents focused on the entrance exam

There are several sites (such as the UOL Newsroom ), blogs and YouTube channels with tips for those who are going to take the entrance exams – some, even, exclusively focused on the newsroom.

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