Load Cells and All That You Wanted To Know About It

Load Cells and All That You Wanted To Know About It

You must have heard about load cells but do you know what is it exactly? It is basically a transducer or an electronic tool that helps converting force into electrical signal. In a much easier term this means, it’s a transducer that is capable of converting force into a measurable electrical output.

Way in which load cells work

Force gets converted into the form of electric current. This process takes place indirectly and it happens in two phases. When it comes to load cell modules it consists of one, two or four strain gauges. However, it will all depend on the kind of cell it is. Again from the strain gauge it is the force which gets converted into the form of electric current. Again, if you think that all cells use strain gauges, then that’s not the case. It is because there are different kinds of them such as fibre optic, hydraulic, washer, button, pneumatic load cells. In fact, there are more and we have simply named a few of its variants.

Again, what is done with the electrical output? Just before the electrical current is utilized, in most cases, the electrical signal output does require amplification. This would be done through an instrumentation amplifier and only after this phase it can be put to use. In most cases, you would be using load cells as a form of a weighing apparatus. In fact for most of the industries it is the strain gage-based load cell which has been the premium and foremost choice when it comes to weighing.

What are the applications that utilize load cells?

There are several, but to name some of its uses, you will be able to find it in electronic crane scales, it’s used for measuring force, and you can even find an object’s centre of gravity by weight. Furthermore, it’s used for tension measurement, onboard weighing, structural health monitoring, force gauge, and for railcar weighing.

There are a wide number of cells found today which has its very own use in different sectors. They are quite useful when it comes to weighing certain applications and important for different circumstances. For example you have the compression load cell which is highly important and used in tougher settings. While for the case of belt scale, filling machines and platform scales, the new beam load cells turns out being highly significant.

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