Mattress Talk: “Does Size Matter?”

Mattress Talk: “Does Size Matter?”

Today we will answer the age-old question “Does Size Matter?”

Does size matter when talking about mattresses? It doesn’t take a genius to know that sleeping is an important part of our physical and mental health. With that being said, it is really important to know if we have the right sized mattress that would not only go with the size of our room but with the people using it on a daily basis as well.

We will be looking into very important points and decide at the end of this article if size does matter? Without any more delay, let’s get into that!

What size are you used to?

What size do you usually sleep with? Are you a California King Size person or a Regular Standard? When choosing or defining the right size that you need you also need to put into consideration a few things that might contribute to the decision process.

  • Single – Do you live alone? If you do live alone and do not expect visitors that much then you might want to look into single mattresses as you do not need to use that much space. But if you do like to sleep on a larger mattress then no one is forcing you not to. Single bed mattresses are perfect for tight cramped apartment spaces that have limited space available for you to choose larger mattresses.
  • Partner – Double mattresses are great if you have a partner that lives with you. Some people would like to have more than just a double mattress to create more sleeping space.
  • Family – Queen/King sized mattresses are great for people that love to sleep on large beds or have kids sleep with them at night. Do you have one large mattress sitting in your bedroom as we speak? If you do then you might want to get one again since that would be the perfect choice for you.

You might be wondering why we are talking about the mattress that you are used to. This is because we need to know which bed frame that suits you perfectly. As we all know, mattresses work better if placed perfectly with the exact bed frame made for it. The last thing we want would be a small mattress placed on a large frame. This not only creates an uncomfortable bed placing but it will damage the mattress in the long run, and we wouldn’t want that to happen would we?

Bed Frame Size

There are different bed frame sizes that you can choose from depending on the mattress that you are planning to get. Better yet, it would be practical to have a bed frame made exactly for the size of the mattress that you will be using.  There are a lot of websites and articles today dedicated to providing you ideas and measurements that will be perfect for your needs. But before you go crazy about the bed frame design make sure that you have made up your mind on how huge or small you want your bed to be. Talking about bed frame sizes, this goes hand in hand with the next topic that we will be discussing below.

Room size

Room size does matter a lot! If you think that mattress size and bed is important then you also need to consider your room size. By the end of the day, we wouldn’t want to have a bed that is so large that we couldn’t move freely anymore unless that’s your cup of tea. The perfect proportion should be around not more than 50% of the room space. This means that your bed should not be more than 50% of the available square meter of the room that you are working with.

What this does is it creates and provides you enough space to walk around with and at the same time create a comfortable space for you to sleep at. Most of the time five-star hotel rooms follow this rule that’s why you always feel comfortable and feels like you will be able to do everything you want to due to the extra space that you have.

What mattresses suit your style?

There are a ton of mattresses in the market today which caters to every possible need that we can imagine. We asked you guys previously why you need to know what mattress you usually sleep at, people that sleep with you, room size and bed frame size to give you an idea on what mattress you should be getting to compliment your bed and room. Below are three main mattresses that you will be able to get without any problems due to the supply in the market.

  • Innerspring – Innerspring mattresses have been used for a very long time now and they remain one of the best sellers due to its amazing rigid design perfect for any bed frame surface imaginable. Though the design is pretty much “Ancient” compared to the other two options that we will be talking about today, they do deliver and provide you with a solid-firm piece to sleep at.
  • Memory Foam – Memory foam, as they say, was designed specifically for astronauts that spend time orbiting the outer space. But what does this space material have to do with mattresses? Originally it was made for astronauts but later on the project they realized that it could be something useful that can be used in our daily lives here on earth. The foam has the ability to contour your body shape and create a really comfortable material to sleep in. The only issue behind regular memory foams is that it gets really hot easily making it a problem for people that hate sleeping warm. But since its inception as a modern day house mattress, memory foam producers have found a way to cool down sleepers by creating the gel memory foam mattress specifically made for a “cooler” sleeping experience.
  • Latex – One of the best choices that you will be making in your lifetime. There are a lot of issues surrounding latex mattresses but most of them are actually untrue. If you haven’t known by now, latex mattresses are made naturally from rubber trees farmed from around the world. The rubber sap is directly poured into molds and “cooked” for a good amount of time until the certain firmness is achieved. There are two different methods for “cooking” latex mattresses and these are Dunlop and Talalay respectively. Both start the process identically but end it differently. Dunlop mattresses are quite firm compared to Talalay because the rubber sap poured into molds is not touched until it is finished cooking. Naturally, sediments settle on the bottom and create a firmer bottom mattress. For Talalay, after pouring into molds, air is vacuumed out of it to remove air bubbles and eliminate natural sediments from settling. Thus creating a plush mattress known as Talalay. Read more about latex foam mattresses at LatexBear.

Please be advised that the mentioned mattress options above play on different price ranges. Make sure that you read more about the current price range to give you an idea of what to get.


We started this article with the question: “Does size matter”? It really does. When talking about mattresses you need to consider the space that you will be taking up to create a comfortable room to rest at. Always make sure that the measurement of the mattress that you will be working with is included in the equation. Nonetheless, it is also important to know what you will be able to work with depending on the size of your room and the budget that you will be working with.

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