Pass Some Driving Tips on to Your Teen

Pass Some Driving Tips on to Your Teen

If you have a teen itching to get a learner’s permit and then a license, are you ready for that time in your life?

As many other parents will tell you; that period of time in life can be fraught with anxiety.

Not only is your teen getting a license a sign of them getting older, but it means they will share the road with others.

When your teen begins driving, it is imperative that he or she does it the right way from day one.

By giving them many tips on safe driving, they stand a much better chance of steering clear of accident.

With that being the case, is it time for your teen to get behind the wheel and start their engines?

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Encourage Your Teen from Day One

In encouraging your teen about being a good driver from day one, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Privilege – Driving should always be in the view of a privilege and not a right. Remind your teen of the responsibility they undertake in getting behind the wheel. First, they have a responsibility to others sharing the road with them. Second, they need to take care of their vehicles as much as possible. Last, never let distractions lead them to a potential accident.
  • Habits – What kind of habits do you expect your teen to exhibit when they start driving on a regular basis? If your teen has a habit for getting a little sidetracked at times, remind them this can’t happen when driving. Even losing one’s train of thought for a second or two can lead to bad consequences. Staying focused on the road and all that is going on around them is crucial for your teen’s well-being.
  • Vehicle – Keeping the vehicle they drive on a regular basis maintained is a top priority too. As an example, show them what all is under the hood. By staying on top of all the fluid levels, there is less likely going to be a breakdown. They also need to keep tires at the proper inflation. Last, remind them that any burned out lights must have replacements as soon as possible.

Their Friends Make a Difference Too

If your teen’s friends will be riding with them on occasions, remind them of the difference they can make.

As an example, your teen’s friends should not distract them from their duties behind the wheel. While some normal conversation is fine, avoid the following:

  • Interactions on cell phones with calls and texting

  • Passing food and drink around

  • Underage drinking

  • Getting involved in road rage incidents with other drivers

Your teen’s friends can be a positive influence on them when riding in the vehicle. Of most note, they can keep your teen from doing something that everyone will regret.

Last; set a proper curfew time for your teen to be home each night.

There is no reason for your teen to be out on the roads at all hours of the night. If they are driving to and from a part-time job, make sure they stick to those normal hours in commuting.

By passing on the right tips to your teen, he or she will be in a much better position to avoid driving towards danger.


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