Peter Loftin is Among the Great Businessmen who are Also Great Philanthropists

Peter Loftin is Among the Great Businessmen who are Also Great Philanthropists

We might have often heard about a few highly successful yet humble people who take out time for philanthropy. They not only give their own time but also start initiatives for the same so that other could contribute as well. Among such reputed and big-hearted businessmen is Peter Loftin. He not only knows to earn or make profits but also share that success with the rest of the society. His donations towards the upliftment of the poor, development of art and advancement of education techniques are quite significant. In the world where many people lose their ideals or forget to help others after becoming a big figure; people like Loftin are praiseworthy.

Artists Have Always Been Helped and Motivated by Peter Loftin

Peter Loftin had bought Casa Casuarina, a mansion in Miami, and made it a venue for art performances. Many artists dream of performing at this venue and seek appreciation and recognition among the elite and commons. It has served as a great platform for artists to present themselves in the best way.On the social front in Miami, Loftin is appointed as the Miami Beach Police Athletic League. Whatever his role has been for society or artists, he has always given his best and gained respect for the same.

Peter Cares for Heath Issues and Does A Lot of Charity

Apart from arts, Peter Loftin cares for health issues in the country. He has donated a lot to health centres, charities and museums so far. His nobility was visible from his very first initiative when he was in his twenties. He started a donation drive to provide quality coats to poor children in winters so that they could be able to bear the cold without any problem. Then only, he had showed a sign of becoming a great philanthropist. And, when his venture started earning profits, he began investing in charities, education, medication, arts and other areas. The sole motive of all this was to serve the society at the best and grow in all aspects at the same time.

If we talk about Loftin’s business career, then it started when he was just twenty-five years old in 1983. He had established BTI (Business Telecom Inc.) by then and started receiving profits. Soon he got enough money to invest in whatever he liked, whether for society or business. He became a notable telecom firm owner very early and this can be an inspiration for several young minds.

Peter’s Success and Charity Deeds Never Went Unnoticed

The best thing with Peter Loftin was that always his deeds and business capabilities have been recognized. For instance, Business North Carolina Magazine titledhim as North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year in 1999 when BTI earned revenues over $400 million. This meant that his abilities never went unnoticed. Achieving such a recognition was something motivational for others because Peter was not from a business background.Interestingly, Peter believes in giving right platform to young minds and not letting the youth get misguided. He had donated a lot of money to Oak Ranch Facility, which acted as a centre to help young people to face the challenges of life and rise up with hope and success.

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