Planning for a Day Trip to Miami

Planning for a Day Trip to Miami

People are all busy working to earn a living, pay for their monthly dues, buy food and clothing. However, you cannot spend the rest of your life doing the same routine every day. You must also learn to give yourself some time to have a break and relax. I know that you can always roam around the city and visit friends on your free time. This actually happens all the time, right? So, you should also learn to treat your family or loved ones with a luxurious trip even just for a day.

By the way, if you are thinking about a luxurious trip as your treat, then there is one place that you should consider – it’s Miami. This is a city that you can find in the southernmost part of Florida, USA. The city influenced by a Caribbean culture, so simple yet luxurious, especially if cruising is a part of your plan. But, of course, this is cheaper than going to Hollywood or Las Vegas. They have glamorous beaches here, anyway. And then, depending on the number of travelers on board, you may decide about what size of yacht you want to rent. Just do not forget to make a booking ahead of time. You may go for a private yacht or enjoy a cruise with other passengers. This will depend on your budget.

Aside from that, you can surely think of other things to do complete your day trip. Let’s say that you have to make this day an event to remember because it may just come once in your life. So, how will you plan for this trip to Miami? We have here a few tips that may help you prepare for the said getaway trip.

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Before the Cruise

Before you start boarding for your cruise, you may enjoy the beaches around Miami. If you are traveling with kids, then they would surely love to swim and play with the waves. Just make sure that there are lifeguards and adults watching over the children. The turquoise water of the sea is so attractive and the sunny weather is really fine. Indeed, it is a great day for your sunbathing and kayaking activities. You better try one of the hot spots there like the South Beach or the American Riviera.

While waiting for your ship to leave, you might want to roam around the city. Why don’t you visit the Coconut Grove, which is said to be the oldest community in the city? I guess, this would be a perfect spot to experience the culture. This spot sounds really historical, so you would surely need more info about this interesting community.

And then, since you are coming with the kids, you may check out the Everglades National Park by airboat. This place comes with a 1.5 million acres of wildlife as well as trees like pine flatwoods and mangroves to name a few.

After the Cruise

By this time, you have enjoyed drinking, site seeing and socializing on board as you cruised Miami. So, what’s the plan now? The day is not yet over and you still have a few time to check out some tourist spots in the city.

Why don’t you complete your day by going to the Little Havana of Miami? You can always check the location online at,+Miami,+FL,+USA. For the locals, it is a historical spot, where you can really experience Cuban culture. If you were a travel blogger or just loves to post on social media, then this is an ideal place. Here, you can still find a lot of native delicacies like guava pastelitos. You may also check out some of the landmarks, such as the El Credito Cigar Factory and the Maximo Gomez Domino Park.

If you are traveling as adults, then you would surely want to complete your trip by experiencing nightlife and entertainment on the beach. Therefore, if you would like to have a drink, then go to the nightclubs. You can find them along the Washington and Collins Avenue. And then, if you would like to witness the concerts and live performances, you should come to the New World Center. Lastly, have a walk and go window shopping along the Wynwood Art Walk.

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