Preparation Tips Before A Podiatrist Appointment

Preparation Tips Before A Podiatrist Appointment

It’s not just the podiatrist who needs to get ready for the appointment. You also got lots of things to prepare that are helpful for the podiatrist to give you a successful diagnosis. Don’t go to the clinic empty-handed. Here are some things that you need to do before going to a foot clinic.

Prepare and bring records of your medical history.

Compile all your medical records including your childhood conditions and surgery reports if you’ve been through one. Don’t forget the simple allergies and if you have negative reactions to certain chemicals. Your foot expert from a Podiatry Sydney CBD like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry needs such information about your current medical issues to give you the right prescription and treatment.

Determine the exact location of your pain.

The foot is made of complex connections of nerves, joints, muscles and other structures. All of these can be subjected for pain and other illnesses. Be sure to identify the location of your pain before you visit a podiatrist. Although finding the problem is the podiatrist’s job, if you want to save time, better just inform the professional of the specific information that he needs to know. Then a diagnosis and thorough check can be made afterwards.

Recall when and how you got your foot condition.

When was the first time you experience the pain in your foot? What was your last activity before the foot condition takes place? Recall also how long you have been suffering the condition and how complicated and severe it is. These are important factors that podiatrist will ask in the consultation to provide the right treatment but also the most forgotten information by patients.

Determine if the pain is continuous or some activities can make it stop.

Before your scheduled meeting with a podiatrist, have a simple diagnosis of your condition and see if the pain only comes once you do a certain activity. Say for example, you can only feel the pain once you walk barefooted then stops when you use athletic shoes. This information is crucial for fast diagnosis and proper treatment to be given.1 (1)

Tell the doctor your everyday routine and the type of shoes you wear.

Even if it sounds personal, you still need to tell the doctor about your everyday activities and your choice of footwear. These are factors that can greatly affect the condition of your foot. Don’t skip this information so that the podiatrist can give proper recommendations and treatment to ease your pain.

Don’t be afraid to tell and show the podiatrist everything about the condition of your foot. Some patients feel ashamed of these which then lead them to unsuccessful diagnosis and treatment. Podiatrists specialize in foot issues and they’ve encountered worse scenarios than your condition. You have nothing to be ashamed of, a foot specialist is there to help lighten the burden in the health of your foot.

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