Prime Beaches in Puerto Rico for Every Taste

Prime Beaches in Puerto Rico for Every Taste

This article will help you to decide which beaches of Puerto Rico are the most suitable for you. Puerto Rico’s great coastline stretches over 270 miles and abounds in a variety of beaches and water activities. However, which beach is best for snorkeling or the cleanest one? Which beach is best for walking or for water sports? To discover it the most profitable way will be car rental. Apply to one of the famous companies in the world – Alamo. At Alamo car rental SJU airport, you can find good service as well as affordable prices for hire. So, choose the best car and move on!

Best private beach for a secluded getaway

Apart from all secluded beaches along the coastline of Puerto Rico, a special attention deservesResaca Beach on Culebra Island.

To the west of San Juan, in Manati, is a picturesque beach of Mar Chiquita in a shape of a crescent.

Not far from the Guánica Dry Forest biosphere reserve, there is a two-mile beach area called Ballenas Bay, where you can find yourself in complete solitude

Ideal Beaches for watersports

True surfers will certainly like Punta Las Marias Beach in Ocean Park, Los Tubos beach in Manti and La Pared beach in Luquilla, as they have the best conditions for surfing. In the western part of the island, you can visit the Crash Boat beach, which has all the possibilities for practicing water sports including scuba diving, windsurfing, and kayaking.

On the island of Vieques, there is another sea pearl – the beach of Navio. It goes out into the open ocean, and there are always high waves. Surfers come here from all over the world to catch a high wave.

If you like just swimming on the water surface, the perfect solution is snorkeling. In this case move tothe Blue Beach and Playa Esperanza. Playa Shacks beach is famous for its “Blue Hole” for scuba diving. Besides, using San Juan car rental you have a possibility to carry the equipment for water activities in a compact luggage compartment and get easy to every place you need.

Flamenco Beach

The island of Culebra is famous for having one of the most pleasant places for recreation – Flamenco Beach. The ocean here is surprisingly transparent, with a slight turquoise hue. The very low water level allows you to swim safely and relax on the golden beach at any time. This will be especially important for families with children.

Puerto Rico’s cleanest beaches

According to The Blue Flag international volunteer program, the best beaches in Puerto Rico are the following ones:

  • El Escambron in San Juan;
  • Carolina Beach in Carolina;
  • Seven Seas Beach in the city of Fajardo;
  • Punta Salinas in Toa-Baha.

Puerto Rico beaches with landmarks

Moreover, some beaches of Puerto Rico have their own highlights. Therefore, on the beaches of Puntas Beach and Domes Beach in winter you can see whales. In Ricón on the beach of Antonio Beach and in Vieques on the beach of Playa Cofi, you can observe smooth rocks and sea glass, caused by natural erosion. The secluded beach of Puerto Hermina in Cebradillas once served as a bay for smugglers and pirates and may still have pirate treasures. It is very comfortable to make a trip around the beaches with the help of Alamo car rental PR.

Choose the beach according to your purpose and desires. The tropical sea climate, warm currents of the Caribbean Sea made the beaches of Puerto Rico attractive for tourists from all over the world. The turquoise sea and excellent hotel conditions as well as the abundance of shops, restaurants and attractions compliment this place for paradise vacation.

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