Rule Number One to Win the Women

Rule Number One to Win the Women

I report a comment that we received today from a reader. Amazingly he hit the topic of today, which is a surefire way to convince a woman to leave for a date appointment with you.

“Hello everyone I tell you my story: I go for a long time in a men’s clothing store to buy them for me ‘a girl who works with me and’ forever, but I always was kind and disponibilissima to counsel, to put aside because the goods ‘so’ I’d think better, in short, really cute. I also noticed that the greetings promptly turned red in the face and slowly has started to give me some real advice on how to dress, for example, if I took a plaid shirt I clearly said that it was rather a different type of shirt or even on a color told me that maybe a white shirt was not the greatest, and that Green was better … so I started to taste, really cute … so a person ‘soul and give me one day at a time where I was all alone and so’ I tell you that I passed to say hi, talk a bit ‘of everything, music, various interests, and among other things, I noticed that she indulged a little cmq’ tastes, and I also drafts his nightclub favorite …. I think “wow I know that she likes me”, also because ‘I noticed that if I needed something even his colleague was from, like, when I measure my pants and she will immediately’ to help me, then when I go out the dressing room she helped a man and his colleague goes to her calls and she comes to me and my colleague the gentleman, in short, all the conditions … .. cmq also known that apparently his part-time at the moment was over and it does not I saw more ‘them’ until yesterday …. later she greets me very smiley, Okki live, I kiedo how she was and she tells me is fine … anke if tired. … Then comes a boy ZAC kiede that a mesh and she jokingly said he would help his sister, who was a colleague who looked a bit ‘… and he thinks he is really the other sister but then a colleague tells him that she skerzava …. ok I think, and’ a friend … then she helps him and he does not choose anything except that with me … very indifferent says, the various colors, but everyone … he does not take anything BUT undecided, take her! She greets everyone and goes hand in hand with which I am deficient in comparison with her is when she was 20 years Alain Delon grrr …. to say “hello … enjoy a good trip” … I obviously chilly, and normal or better, seriously …. She General makes a hello, first wanted to give to friends Christmas greetings, but then says ke they would soon be seen, and ‘casual, skerzosa, speaks loudly as those who want to get noticed … passes in front of me saying “sorry” and if I talk to other places a colleague talking about something stupid that even that looks as if to say “but you want” … now I’m not jealous at all, I teased the idea to perk ‘I like you, but after this I do not understand nothing. She does not work this time but will work ‘… surely obvious that in January I will be’ normal as always but knowing cmq …. All strange but ‘, did not choose a shirt, and tells him that’ he believes his sister, and … well perhaps it will ‘with which one starts out mah …. if I only had a little’ time and she was not in this situation …. Meanwhile, she obviously does not, and yesterday ‘approached to help me, but I would not cmq for things to change honestly …. help me! “

One of the dating fundamental rules that will open wide the doors of the female are to be directed at

Please note, to be directed not mean vulgar, rude and even arrogant. This has to be directed more to do with the sincerity, honesty and common sense.

“ASK FOR A WOMAN TO LEAVE WITH YOU DIRECTLY, WITHOUT go around, and she’ll tell you ‘OF YOU” &

This is the golden dating rule, no change or adaptation.

Suppose by contradiction that out with you, for a woman represents a huge sacrifice (which must not go for the head to the woman that you want to invite).

You remember when you were little your parents asked you to take out the trash?

When I will not say so directly, such as “dear, would you by chance going to throw the garbage?” Irremediably you, even from the point of view of the subconscious, as well as considering what’s particularly annoying, did you all to find excuses to justify your unwillingness to quit.

But when you say “go immediately to bring down the garbage, that this room is becoming unbearable,” despite what was annoying you, in most cases you will leave the house without complaint to carry out the long-running job.

With women it is exactly the same, have one that asks, “Sorry, you know I was thinking if I would go out with me this afternoon.” They will live this request as if it were a matter terribly boring and admitted they have already lost in love of you, it will be difficult to have an appointment with her.

Is a very unconscious, rationally between having a person who has not relaxed complex ask them out to a woman, and have instead a person who makes the same request tentative, should be exactly the same thing?

However from the point of view is that the emotionality of sex appeal, definitely hesitant and insecure a person has less chances of a combination of events which suggests that going out with him, one thing is absolutely normal as well as pleasing. (As it should be)

It may seem trivial, but as if to make a good impression on someone never to wear the same clothes that used to shoot at home, taking care of a thousand things, like the smell, the kind of clothes, shoes, hair, obviously c ‘has different ways of doing things.

So next time you want to bring out your next girlfriend to dinner, make sure that all of you, by the way you dress, the way to stop it, so to speak, to convey that women love you just because you’re all what a woman could want from a man.

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