Status of the legal anabolic androgenic drugs in the United Kingdom

Status of the legal anabolic androgenic drugs in the United Kingdom

AAS and its authenticity in the UK

Anabolic androgenic supplements are utilized for medical purposes and performance enhancement. It is pretty easy to buy legal steroids from any country like US, UK, Canada, New Zealand with a proper prescription stating the physical ailment and what the drug, the dose is recommended for. But, possessing, selling, buying AAS from sources like online, black markets, underground labs are strictly illegal in the UK, US, Canada, etc.,  Since anabolic drugs are classified under Class C drug, the lowest substance category, still the UK laws are in confusion about the import, export, selling and buying. However, a registered license holder only can do all the activities related to AAS.

There was an exemption created for the bodybuilders that they could possess these anabolic androgenic supplements without any prescription. Even so, it has been stated that it is illegal to supply, import/export, manufacture the AAS and those who involve in such illicit activities will be sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment. But, due to some exemption clauses, keeping AAS are treated as rarely a prosecutable offense in the United Kingdom and many pharmacies in the UK sell a number of steroids. You can buy Anavar, Trenbolone, Dianabol, Boldenone, Winstrol, Testaplex from the United Kindom. These drugs are widely available and used. If still there is a problem existing in the purchase of legal steroids, you may opt over-the-counter alternative in the UK.

The popular AAS used in the United Kingdom:

Trenbolone: The drug works by releasing free testosterone in high amounts and increasing nitrogen retention and thus enabling the body to gain muscle mass. Trenbolone hardens the physique, assists the body to be strong and powered.

Oxandrolone: Oxandrolone a.k.a Anavar is a mild androgenic product helps to maintain linear muscle mass with no water retention. But it is not suitable for bulking phases. Generally, it is administered to enhance the muscle development among muscle wasting disease patients, anemia, and surface burns victims.

Anadrol: It is a pure bulking agent that increases the red blood cell count, increases oxygenation and makes the bodybuilders workout without any fatigue.

Nandrolone Deaconate: It is a man-made hormone (synthetic version) that possesses chemical structure alike testosterone. It is administered as an intramuscular injection and improves protein synthesis, gives massive strength to the users.

Legal alternative AAS:

If you really want to achieve mass and muscle gain no need to run behind illegal steroids, which might be mostly fake and contaminated. Legally you can obtain them from pharmacies as legal alternative AAS. It is the best way to reach your goal with the same benefits of AAS without any negative effects. Legal AAS alternatives are available for cutting, bulking, dieting, weight loss, toning, and pyramiding methods. Be aware of your purchase through online, scrutinize about the reputation, ingredients, reviews, product quality, payment, and shipment process especially Money Back Guarantee. Other than online, buying legal AAS as an over-the-counter alternative in the UK is the best option out of all.

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