Stylish and Multitasking Clothes to Bring When Traveling

 Stylish and Multitasking Clothes to Bring When Traveling

Studies show that this generation is the most traveled in the history of man. In the last ten years, the world seemed to have gotten smaller because of fast, efficient, and safe travel systems. Not only that, different countries across the globe have decided to make tourism one of their top revenue-generators by allowing visa-free entry.

And, because of the jet-setting lifestyle that a lot of people have nowadays, much attention has been directed to a comfortable yet stylish travel fashion. Indeed, frequent travelers need outfits that will allow them to go through the hustle and bustle of tours conveniently. But, their clothes also need to look good in pictures, especially in this age of Instagram.

So, if you are a modern woman who enjoys taking advantage of long weekends and holidays to see different parts of the globe, and you like to look polished yet ready for any adventure, here are six clothing pieces to invest in for your getaways.

1. A midi wraparound dress

This dress is the absolute multitasker. It can easily go from day to night and casual to formal. There are so many different ways to style it according to your preference. You can wear another skirt over it or a loose spaghetti strap dress, or a T-shirt to transform the dress into a skirt.

Plus, It’s comfortable and looks great on any shape or size of woman. The way a wraparound dress is made manages to hide a multitude of sins. But, perhaps its best quality is it’s a single piece of garment that never takes up too much space in a suitcase.

2. A cute short dress

A short dress, like a wraparound dress, offers abundant styling possibilities. It can work as a regular top by pairing it with trousers, skirts or shorts. It’s also perfect on its own, especially if you’re heading to a tropical destination and you need something cool to wear.

When it gets cold, a cute short dress can likewise work as a layering piece to give your entire ensemble additional warmth and a feminine silhouette.

And lastly, when it comes to shoes, short dresses look good with any type of footwear. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of Doc Martens for that ’90s grunge feel, or knee-high go-go boots, athleisure sneakers, ballet flats, or designer high heels.

3. A denim jacket

Denim jackets never go out of style because they work with pretty much everything – including considerably formal pieces. They’ll keep you warm in freezing airports. Not only that, they’re a nice cover-up when you need to protect yourself from the sun, the cold, and other elements.

It’s worth mentioning as well that some designs of denim jackets are quite figure-flattering. A cropped denim jacket can create the illusion of an hourglass figure, especially when you’re wearing a flowy maxi dress.

4. Leggings

Make sure you always have leggings because they’re such a lifesaver when you’re traveling – even men are wearing them these days. A high-quality pair of leggings can serve you in numerous ways. You can wear them as comfortable pants with a classic, crisp white blouse, or as athletic wear with a shirt.

Also, it’s always good to have them with you when traveling because your legs can get cold when you’re wearing a dress. A pair of leggings can serve as tights for warmth. And, if modesty is a standard in the place you’re visiting – leggings can provide appropriate cover for your stems.

It’s crucial to emphasize, however, to go for leggings and not yoga pants, which should be reserved for working out.

5. A kimono dress

A kimono dress is always worth bringing with you when traveling because it can work as a dress or as a coat. Therefore, make sure that your kimono dress is made of a thicker and more luxurious material.

Similar to all the other pieces in this list, the kimono dress offers infinite styling options. You will often see young people wearing kimono dresses over a short and sexy ensemble such as Daisy Dukes and a shirt, and other casual outfits.

At the beach, on the other hand, you will likely see women wearing this dress as a cover-up like a colorful robe over their swimwear, or as proper resort wear.

6. Plain neutral-colored shirts

Basic white, black, grey, camo green or beige T-shirts are always great to have with you when traveling. They are the most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear when you’re on the go. You can pair them with casual pieces like denim jeans, and even high-fashion items like velvet leopard print skirts, or silk suits.

Likewise, you can wear them so many different ways – tucked, untucked, knotted at the front or side, and even backward – to fit any setting. Don’t mind what elegance gurus often have to say about T-shirts. With creative treatments, you can achieve a luxurious travel OOTD with it.

With these pieces, you can be sure that even with just a few items in your suitcase, you will look sophisticated and also completely ready to go anywhere and do anything when you’re traveling.

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