The need for a blender with high speed

The need for a blender with high speed

Blenders are regularly needed in a kitchen. Day by day, blenders are becoming very important in a household. This appliance is blessing g for every cook out there. This is multi-programmed device which can perform many tasks apart from blending, such as making juice, puree, heating up soups, crushing ice etc. There are many regular blenders which can work just fine but if you want to achieve that perfection then a high speed blender will be a more suitable option.

What type of blenders we need?

Blenders come in various shapes and sizes. Also they have different effects and features. One should know his or priority first and then buy a blender. Some will need a blender with automatic speed control whereas some prefers Manual speed control setting in a blender. For some blender high speed works perfectly and some prefers powerful blenders. Some prefer blenders which come with large sized glass while for some a medium sized jar does the work. It is all about knowing your priority and also your budget before investing in a blender.

How are high speed blenders different from regular blenders?

High speed blenders are technologically advanced than that of the regular blenders. High speed blenders come with super sharp blades with advance motor that is very helpful. The blades are made of stainless steel which can blend practically anything. Regular blenders have hard time blending hard ingredients but with high speed blender it is not a problem anymore. High speed blenders also work at a very high rate and the blades rotates very fast. This action produces lot of friction. This friction as a result produces heat which can heat up ingredients while blending them. You can now practically make hot soup in a blender now. High speed blenders can make smoothies which have a silky texture to it and are very smooth. With regular blender the Smoothies made were grainy. Also they can make juices. These advanced blenders come with settings which allow them to puree, blend, juice, crush, chop, and grind and so on. High speed blenders come with super sharp blades which can grind coffee beans and other grains as well.

Characteristics of high speed blenders

Blade – Though it may be obvious to everyone that high speed blenders usually comes with sharp blade but it is not always true. Some high speed blenders are there which also comes with blunt blades. But they work perfectly fine. Also you do not have to worry about your blades becoming dull or cutting yourself while cleaning it. These blunt blades instead of chipping away, it pulverizes.

Height– The blender that you buy should fit your kitchen cabinet. If the blender jar is too big it would not be very customer friendly as it will create lot of problem for them. Now days where housing spaces are really small, a medium sized blender would be perfect. But if you have a big kitchen then you can surely by the larger ones.

Tamper– The tamper action of a blender is the most important feature of a blender. The tamper action actually allows all the ingredients to move freely in the jar while they are getting blended. It also pulls the ingredients towards the blade so that we can get a smooth and even result. Make sure your blender has a tamper option before buying it. Tampering also makes sure there is no air bubbles in the smoothie.

Speed – The speed of the blender are generally of two types. There is this automatic speed setting in which the speed is not controlled manually. Once the blender is on it will work at the same speed. Then there is the manual speed setting where the speed can be set manually. Here generally the blenders starts of at a lower speed and then gradually builds up the speed. Manual speed setting is generally preferred by many. High speed also generates lot of heat due to friction which can thus heat up ingredients while blending them

Noise– High speed blenders generally produces noise as they work very faster so it should be provided with brush less DC motors which makes less noise.

Why do we need high speed blender?

Because of the above mentioned characteristics which are very helpful to us so we need a blender which comes with high speed. Also high speed blenders can any food creamy and silky which tastes much better. With a high speed blender we can make anything from a smooth green smoothie to nut butter.

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