The Panoramic Merese Hill Of Central Lombok

The Panoramic Merese Hill Of Central Lombok

Lombok’s southern coast is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and soft sands, but it is also known for its panoramic Merese Hill. Here on top of Merese Hill one can have a spectacular vantage point overlooking  the wide Indian Ocean whose color changes from clear aquamarine near the shore to deep blue towards the horizon, fringed by white sands beaches and green hills on one side, a very similar view to Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand.

Merese is located at Tanjung Aan (the Bay of Aan), at Mandalika, Central Lombok, situated between Bongo Hill and the Tangkok Mountain. Offering two hills at both ends of the beach, here you will find a stunning panoramic vista of the cape. Try to climb the eastern hill  which passes a beautiful meadow.

When you wish to see one of Lombok’s finest sunsets, head to the top of Marese hill and see the magnificent view on the Bay of Aan. From here you can also see clearly Seger beach to the west, and Batu Payung and Gili Anak Anjakan to the east.

To get to Marese Hill, you must pass the Bay of Aan first. When you travel by car, it takes 1.5 hours from Mataram, or half an hour from the Lombok International Airport.

The Bay of Aan has a two kilometers long white sand beach, where the ocean is calm and great for swimming. On the right side of the bay, you will see clearly the Merese hill. From the beach you will have to trek up for at least five more minutes. Be careful, the hill is very steep and can be slippery.

To Do

Another activity that you may want to do is horse riding. You can also ride up the hill by horse. You can also ride across the Bay of Aan in half a day. Visit Rembitan and you can see  the life of villagers of Rembitan riding their horses.

Those who prefer a quieter holiday go to Merese hill for a picnic on the meadow to contemplate on the beauty of God’s nature here in Lombok.

While for those who love taking pictures, Merese hill is one beautiful spot you must visit to shoot some of your best pictures.

Get Around

To get to the top of the hill, best not drive up since the road up is very steep. Just leave your car or motorbike near the beach and trek for five minutes to reach the top.

Get There

From Mataram, capital city of Lombok, Merese Hill Lombok is about 1.5 hours’ drive away, or 30 minutes from the Lombok International Airport.

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