Useful Hacks To Fix The Stinking Foul Smell of Washing Machine

Useful Hacks To Fix The Stinking Foul Smell of Washing Machine

Washing machine is imperative to our daily lives and even though it used to clean our clothes, it does get dirty over a period of time. This happens when you wash clothes and shoes with dirt, the mold also gets build up if you are mostly using hard water.

Therefore, in order to make your clothes clean and fresh you must take proper care of your front load washing machine.

Here are few useful tips that will help you to remove the foul smell:


Vinegar contains about 5 percent of acetic acid. We are all aware of the innumerable uses of vinegar in culinary preparations and kitchen cleaning. Depending on the severity of the mold you can use two to four cups of white vinegar into your machine.

Then you can set your machine a high spin and let the vinegar run through. You can repeat the process after taking small intervals. Leave it for some time, this will soften the thick walls of the mold and it helps stubborn dirt accumulated in the washer drum to wash away. You can wash the machine after the process.

Lime juice

It is great for rust inside the machine, doesn’t matter even if your machine is more than 5 years or of of top brand like LG. You can add a pinch of salt and mix the lime juice before pouring. Select the hottest or heaviest loading options of the washing cycle. Rinse and wash it. This way you can successfully remove rusted iron smell from clothes and even prevent staining options of rust on the clothes.

Baking soda

This is great for bacteria and fungi. There are times when you have to wash infected clothes. However, you must follow a proper process to disinfect the machine later. You can use baking soda and run through the machine. This procedure will make your machine germ free.

What about the hard reaching parts

There may be several hard reaching spots that you cannot clean easily. For those parts, you need to do it in a conventional way with sponge and baking soda and run the washing cycle. Depending on the dirt, you can mix a clothing detergent and above mentioned chemicals.

These days Samsung washing machine comes with an auto clean option. This option is great for minute hard reaching areas. You have to mix a cloth detergent along with the mentioned washing machine cleaner liquid. The cleaner is easily available in the market.

However, make sure that you read the manual of the machine and understand the operations properly. Keep in mind machines and their process differs from model to model, so read twice before initiating any process.

Routine clean up

The best thing you can do is to clean your machine once every month, so that the mold never builds up. Yes, it is problematic at times but imagine your clothes will always come out fresh and clean. You do not have to go through a tedious process of re cleaning them.


You can wipe the inside and remove any visible debris and dirt. Additionally, do not forget to change the filter quite often. Once it hits the red button, it’s time for you to replace the filter.

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