Using God’s Message Of Love To Save The World

Using God’s Message Of Love To Save The World

With so much pain, suffering, natural calamities and violence in today’s world, many people question the existence of God in saving mankind from satanic forces. These individuals explain that the quantum of negativity and evil spreading across the globe has made human beings lose faith in his divine powers. However, God works in mysterious ways to redeem the world from these demonic forces. Whenever, the planet earth is on the brink of doom, he sends remarkable individuals to spread his message of love and restore mankind’s faith in Him. The miracles these persons perform in the name of God to cure suffering people, leaves many of the greatest scientific minds searching for a logical answer.

Meet the man God has sent to heal the World

TB Joshua is a reputed spiritual leader and head pastor of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations.  People around the world who attend his sermons know him for his unique healing powers to provide relief to suffering individuals in addition to his powerful predictions about certain happening in the world. In fact, press reports of occurrences where he went out of his way to cure and assist helpless people in order to restore their faith in God, has made him even more famous around the world. This is the reason many his followers come to his parish to hear his teachings and seek his blessingImage result for tb joshua

He explains that during his travels he comes across many people, some of whom are cynical of his powers. They accuse him of resorting to demonic powers to increase his popularity in the minds of the public. However, he rejects such false misinformation and goes on to explain that it is not possible for any individual to serve mankind using demonic forces. Moreover, only a true follower of God who believes in spreading love and goodwill among fellow human beings can have so many disciples from almost every continent in the globe. His mission is to restore people faith in God by spreading the power of love in their hearts and minds in a world full of hate.

Faith in God’s power to heal

He says the time has come for people from around the world to come together in God’s name and rejoice in his divine powers. Love and goodwill among men is the only solution to the challenges facing the planet today. Every human being in the world needs to pray to overcome the obstacles he/she faces in life and to save him/her from falling into evil temptation.  Miracles in the form of divine intervention do occur for those who believe in the power of God.     

TB Joshua explains that his own birth was itself a miracle when his mother could not feel in her womb for 14 months. She then came across an old man, who was previously a hunter, warrior and farmer, who prophesied that she would have a son, whose fame and popularity would attract many followers. He advises her to start praying instead of visiting doctors. This he says is nothing short of a miracle.     


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