Valletta 2018 – The European Capital of Culture

Valletta 2018 – The European Capital of Culture

In recent years, Malta has heavily invested in the social, economic and cultural regeneration of Valletta, and the arts and cultural heritage of the whole island nation.  The height of these efforts can be experienced in V18, a vibrant cultural programme designed to leave a strong and lasting cultural sector.

2018 is an exciting year for Malta, with a year-round celebration centred around the unique culture and heritage of Malta. Throughout the year, cultural activities and festivals are being held island-wide.Although the theme of Valletta 2018 is rooted in Maltese culture and lifestyle, the cultural programme draws on neighbouring cultures – with several international artists also featuring in the programme.

The programme aims to bring culture closer to the people, increasing professionalism in the sector, by having widespread high-quality activities that are easily accessible to everyone. The V18 team recognises the intrinsic value of arts and culture in society – how they provide a medium for self-expression, build communities and enhance communication. As the V18 chairman expressed, ‘cultural activity promotes creative dialogue and exchange among diverse communities, proving an antidote to the division and prejudice that shapes a large part of contemporary discourse’.

What can one expect from the V18 Programme, and why should you visit Valletta in 2018? Here are the top reasons V18 should be on your bucket list.

Valletta as a destination

Valletta is always gorgeous, not just in 2018.  Despite it being a small city, the 16th century capital was famous long before V18 shed a spotlight on it.  While being the European capital culture lead to a much-needed regeneration of the city, Valletta is also a UNESCO World Heritage Centrewith 350 historic sites dating back to 1565, making it “one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.” Add the V18 festivities to this and you’ll have a jam-packed itinerary in the city alone.

The Community Project

This category of the programme focuses on culturing emerging from society and lifestyle, with a focus on the Maltese culture. What kind of events can you expect as part of the community project?

  • Explore the rapidly changing localities in Malta
  • Explore the history of Maltese identity in relation to migration
  • Discover traditional Maltese games
  • Reminisce about old times and the use of the Rediffusion
  • Listen to the stories of vulnerable groups in home-based care
  • A showcase of traditional Maltese Ghana and contemporary Maltese rap
  • Rima – A theatrical performance illustrating a collection of migrant narrative

Visual Arts Projects

This category focuses puts Maltese artists on the world stage.  Here are the highlights of this project:

  • A two-year project by Blitz in collaboration with the University of Arts, London
  • Major visual arts exhibition by curator Maren Richter
  • Broken Dreams – A haunting photographic essay on the city of Nicosia and conflict areas in the north of Cyprus
  • Utopian Nights – bringing together artists, thinkers and the public to discuss important social issues related to displacement, borers, encampment and the rise of global commons.
  • Square – interpreting contemporary social realities through architecture and the concept of overcrowding
  • Explore mysterious connections between Malta and Leeuwarden related to WWII

Children and Young People

This category aims to make creative practices accessible to young generations, to nurture the artist of tomorrow. Some highlights in this category are:

  • Musical performance that revolves around the life of Gus Nightingale
  • Explore Mediterranean musical heritage and neighbouring cultures through interactive music, fun and games
  • A series of workshops in contemporary music and dance, digital animation and light painting.
  • Interactive performance arts
  • Workshops exploring the relationship between architecture and music
  • Audio visual shows produced by BA Graphic design  and interactive media students
  • International performances during Ziguzajg


A variety of sensual, physical and provocative theatre touch topics of politics, food, gambling in the underworld some deceitful tuna.

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