What Is The Real Truth Behind The News That Allege Brian Consume HCG Or Steroids

Brian is known to be one of the best sportsmen in the world. There were rumors against this acclaimed sportsman to have used steroids for improving his performance in sports. This news has disappointed many of his fans all across the world. Completely relying on the news without finding the truth behind it is not the right thing. Research was conducted on the journey of this renowned sportsman to uncover the facts.

About Brian

Brian Cushing is a recognized NFL linebacker who played for the Houston Texans. He has been playing sports since the time of his graduation. He also attended the award of “defensive MVP” for the incredible performance exhibited by him in the Rose Bowl sport.  During the course of his sports journey, he has received multiple titles and awards that included “NFL Defensive Rookie”, 2010.

About Brian’s steroid accusation

Brian is undeniably the most talented and successful athletes in the world.  He had made an impressive record in the year 2010. He was at the peak of his success, when the rumors about his steroid consumption came up. Everyone got surprised on hearing to this shocking revelation.

Due to his relation with performance enhancement substances, sports committee members suspended him for breaching the NFL’s policy. His tests were found to be positive for HCG i.e., human chorionic gonadotropin. The best part was that his fans supported him all throughout his trying phase.

What Brian had to stay after getting accused? 

Brian denied several rumors related to the consumption of PED. He claimed that the reason why his test came out to be positive was due to his cancerous tumor. Due to the treatment, HCG might have got into his body. He carried out medical tests to prove that it was because of this treatment that a banned substance “HCG” make way into his system.

Also, he suggested that an over-trained athlete syndrome is a phenomenon that can result in triggering hormonal spikes post breaks in the training period. One of such spikes was responsible for yielding a positive result.


Whether or not he consumed steroids, Brian was and always be an extraordinary and talented athlete in the world. It is important to consume steroids after learning the steroid laws in the country. If you are a sportsman, then you have to be extra cautious as the use of any banned or illegal substance can destroy your career for the whole life.

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